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    I'm really stressing out over what accommodation to put down, it all seems very divided like either party halls with shared bathrooms etc or en suite that have a reputation for being less social and are harder to get into?! i really want an ensuite room, and was looking at castle court and the self catering/ensuite rooms in castle leazes, can anyone tell me about these? i dont want to end up somewhere thats supposedly boring though just because i want my own bathroom!! help please

    Is an en-suite really that important? I mean we're all different but I just don't see why it's at all important.

    Castle leazes looks like a prison from the outside and from what I've heard it's full of rahs, but the people I know who stayed there say they enjoyed it. I don't really know anything about castle court other than the queen's granddaughter used to live there.

    The 'party places' like richardson road aren't quite as crazy as people make out though.

    Victoria Halls could be somewhere else to look at if you want nice accommodation. I'm not 100% sure you get an en-suite but I'm pretty sure you do and I had a friend living there last year, and anytime I was round there I thought it was very nice. It's a tad further away from the uni (10 min walk though, it depends what side of the campus your buildings are on however), but this means it is a 10 min walk closer to town. It's like 5 min away from northumberland street and within walking distance of all the bars/clubs in newcastle I'd say.

    To be honest whatever halls you end up in, chances are you'll enjoy it.
    Castle Court is quite new and it is nice. It wasn't an option when i was a fresher but i bet it's quite hard to get as i imagine it's popular.
    Castle Leazes isn't the most attractive and the rooms are small and it is full of rahs. Saying that it's great fun because there's so many people, very sociable and it's so close to the uni. I didn't know anyone that had an en-suite at Castle Leazes so i can't comment on that.
    Victoria Halls was brand new when i started and id say over 50% of the people i spoke to put it as their first choice because it was so nice, en-suite etc. I ended up knowing one person who actually lived there! the flats are made up of 3 people which personally i don't think is enough and to be honest i think it's overrated.
    Richardson Road is brilliant if you want to be able to go home in an hour gap and it's not ridiculously noisy but certainly not quiet. If you don't live there- make friends with someone that does, it's pretty handy.
    Windsor Terrace and Marris house are both nice, great location etc but small. The chances of you getting put there are slim unless you're an overseas student, Irish or have taken a gap year, if you are any of those then i'd give it a go because you'd have a good shot.
    If en-suite is really important to you then obviously go for it but like i said all my friends wanted en-suite rooms at victoria halls and they didn't get them, most of them ended up sharing bathrooms in henderson hall or castle leazes and never complained, it really isn't a big deal, i didn't wait for the shower once! Like i said you'll probably enjoy wherever you go
    hope i helped a little!

    Just go for location.
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