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    Hi guys,
    I'm pretty new to this and I've recently been diagnosed with CFS.

    My doctor did diagnose me with IBS, my main symptoms being constipation, feeling like I always need to empty my bowels but can't, bad bloating and very bad abdominal pain a few months back. I was then prescribed Colpermin Peppermint Oil Capsules which I took every day for a few months yet I didn't feel they did much.

    Now it seems like my 'IBS' has got progressively worse, I have a much bigger appetite, as well all the same symptoms as before. I find that I am constantly bloated and gets worse when eating or drinking - and for me, I've had a flat stomach all my life - it's horribly uncomfortable and embarassing. The bloating barely ever subsides, some morning I wake up with a flat stomach, but this is very rare and goes as soon as I eat or drink ANYTHING. Nothing seems to help - I've tried cutting out various foods as well as many other things. I also find that my whole abdomen is very hard, and tender to touch. Occassionally it even hurts to even stretch or move. I'm supposed to be having an ultrasound in a few weeks but I'm dreading it will reveal worse than IBS.
    Some of these symptoms began to led me to think I was pregnant, especially seeing as my lower abdomen tends to be the area of bloating/pain - and it's made me worry a hell of a lot... But I've had many negative tests and there was literally no chance to start with. Yet I'm still a little concerned...

    Are any of there symptoms normal or IBS? And does anyone have any tips to relieve, particularly the bloating?
    Thank you in advance.

    Hi, I also suffer from M.E and one of my symptoms is I.b.s. I've had procedures where they look into your bowel and I've also had allergy tests, all of which were negative. My problem is that food passes through me quickly but I also get abdominal cramps, bloating and trapped wind feelings. Nothing has really helped me. Id say I eat relatively healthy and maybe 10% junk. It sounds like possible I.b.s but you need to have other things ruled out first such as I tolerances to gluten, dairy, wheat..and stuff like colitis or chrons.

    Good luck!

    (Original post by modalsoul)
    Hi, I also suffer from M.E and one of my symptoms is I.b.s.
    'Leaky gut' protocols often produce positive results for people with CFS/IBS. Here is mine, you might find my more general ME/CFS protocol useful too

    Hope this helps

    Hey! I completely identify with everything that you've said. I've had those symptoms forever and they seem to get worse every year, until I had to go to the hospital to get it checked out, it was that uncomfortable. Now I'm still not going normally like a normal people, but oh well, IBS happens. For me I couldn't identify many trigger foods other than nuts, and I did spend a rather expensive stint trying to go gluten free. If you're anything like me though, just being anxious, fearful, of being bloated can make you bloated. When I stress about anything, it's impossible not to get bloated and it's the worst feeling, you feel like there must be something really wrong with you. Personally I got a colonoscopy and ultrasound and xray which all showed up pretty normal. Better get it checked out, but don't worry, this stuff feels horrible but might not be medically serious.
    I often feel bloated after meals too: the best remedy for me is to eat in a calming environment and then go for a walk, anything to take your mind off of it. If you feel really bloated maybe put some ice on your stomach just to feel better. I hate how trapped gas that won't come out feels. Also, breathe deeply if you feel yourself getting slighted bloated or just breathe deeply in general. Then again, maybe you are allergic to something. If so, congrats, life sounds nicer if you could just avoid a trigger food instead of having to get bloated whatever you eat.
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