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Singing and Musical Theatre exams Grade 5-6 watch

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    Hi all

    I've just done ABRSM grade 5 singing and my teacher and I are thinking about next steps. I could either do Grade 6 singing on ABRSM or Trinity or I could do Musical Theatre Grade 5, again on either board. (I've never done a musical theatre exam before, hence the question).

    I'd say that I'm a classical singer who can do musical theatre/pop ballads too if that's any help. I wouldn't say acting is my strongest suit either - I think you have to do a bit of acting for the musical theatre one too but I might have got that entirely wrong.

    So has anyone done a musical theatre exam and would you recommend it? Or am I better to stick to the basic singing exam that's more classical style? (Also has anyone done Trinity and ABRSM singing exams and would say that either one is better?)

    Sorry for that being a bit long-winded - thanks for any help in advance

    I was in a similar position to you a couple of years back, here's how I managed.

    The skills you gain from a 'classical' background tend to take you into musical theatre anyway. I have never met a classical singer who can not switch into musical theatre with relative ease. It's a trick of the trade, so to speak.
    However, something I've noticed from choirs is that the people who have trained themselves only to sing in the MT style struggle with the timbre projected by Classical singers.

    There's quite a bit more to classical singing than there is to MT, don't you agree? The opening of the throat, singing way down into your diaphragm... all these things are, in my opinion and training, purely classical. All you have to do in order to perform in MT is 'turn off' all the classical.

    However, for exams, and for public performances (especially for the elderly), I do sing MT pieces(one is necessary in each Trinity grade). They tend to respond a lot better because they'll know the songs, and it's kind sweet to see them singing along. D'awwwwh. The 'acting', I would call it more 'expression of emotion', comes with practice and 'getting over yourself' enough to just become the character. Personally, I struggled with it because I was afraid I looked stupid, but it's actually the easiest way to get the audience on your side.

    As you advance into the grades, you'll start singing Arias, recitatives, oratorios and all the other different types of classical vocal music that tells a story. When you get there, you'll learn all that 'expression of emotion' and you'll wonder why MT even exists...

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    Thanks that was really helpful
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