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Absolutely crazy...spots/marks on chin watch

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    Okay, so sorry if this is a repetitive post. I just am driving myself crazy beating myself up over something that may not even be possible.

    So since about September I've had spots on my chin. It's not like they're spots of such, sort of small red marks. I guess it's possible that they once were spots, but have faded into red marks? So overall it made my chin look like a blotchy mess. The doctor put me on Duac which helped, but it's left me with faded pink marks, much more prominent when I smile - I guess because my chin stretches more when I smile?!

    It so happens that the appearance of my blotchy chin coincided with a night where I was kissing some guy with stubble (not exactly the same night, I don't remember but I think it was around the same couple of weeks/month) . It was just a random hook up, a friend of a friend, and I haven't seen him since, but I'm wondering....can stubble rash be permanent/last 8 months?!

    I'm beating myself up here thinking 'If only I hadn't done that, my chin might be clear'...I've always had the odd spot on my chin, I guess my chin was more prone to spots, but never this bad. I'm 21, by the way. I'm thinking the marks are like hyperpigmentation from where the spots have healed but there's constantly a nagging voice in my head telling me it's from the stubble...I keep looking over old photos to try and reassure myself it isn't, but it's not working.

    It's driving me crazy...whoever knew skin could cause so much grief.

    Thoughts? Thanks in advance

    Hey, I'm 21 too Anyway, I know how you feel. I have red marks on my face too, but unlike you I also have them on my cheeks. But I don't think it's from kissing guys with stubble You're right in thinking it's a form of hyperpigmentation left behind from past spots. It's so frustrating because once they're there, they're there for months
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