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Dental care watch

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    I was wondering how does dental care works in the UK because I have a pain in my tooth and I don't know where I should go. I'm registrered with NHS and I would like to find the cheapest - and yet the best - way to get my filling done (I think that's why I have this pain). Also, I've read somewhere on the internet that there are some walk-in centre where it is free of charge, but I'm not sure if it's only for emergencies or "normal" problems like filling.

    I'd be glad if someone could help me with that.

    Thank you

    All the prices are the same with the NHS so it doesn't matter which NHS dentist you go to, except down to personal preference and finding someone you're happy with (although there's a difference between the different countries, for example, it's slightly cheaper in Wales than England and Scotland's system is different to both of them).

    In England and Wales there are three payment bands (which in England are approx £17, £48, £200). The lower band includes emergencies, check ups, x-rays etc, the middle band is stuff like fillings and root canals, and the third band is for more complicated things, like having a crown fitted. But you only pay the charge that covers the most complicated treatment you need and that covers that treatment, and everything in the bands below it.

    You only pay once per course of treatment no matter how many individual treatments you need or appointments you have; you also won't have to pay again if you need to go back within 2 months of your last appointment, or 12 months for replacements of fillings and other dental restorations.

    So in England or Wales if you need a filling you will pay about £48 for everything you need to get it sorted out.

    In Scotland, you have to pay up to 80% of the costs up to £384 per course of treatment.

    If there are any walk in centers which are free, this will just be for emergencies (and most charge the usual charge for emergencies of £17), so you will need to find a dentist that is currently accepting NHS patients in your area. You can search on the NHS website (which if you're in England is this one http://www.nhs.uk/service-search ).

    Hope that makes sense.
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    Okay so basically I won't have to pay £48 for every filling I have to get done - very good new I did find a dentist who accepts NHS patients, I just wasn't just what's the difference if we are with the NHS or not (the price of course!).

    Thanks a lot for your reply

    Edit: I searched of dentists near my area and for some it's written fee-paying adult: No" and " charged-exempt adult: No". Can a dentist be free of charge ? And there is no rating for these one so i'm not sure I can trust them - whereas the one I found have good feedback, but it's not free.
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