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    I recently went to my GP with problems about my jaw as the joints were quite painful. He said things can be interlinked with other joints and asked if I ever get shoulder pain, which I do, it's really painful for me to straighten my shoulders so they're just always hunched forward slightly. I've got another appointment soon but wanted opinions here too.

    I always thought I just had bad posture but I'm starting to think there's something more than that? I've noticed from side pictures that my neck 'leans' forward quite far, like in this picture:


    and I don't seem to be able to straighten it? Should I mention this at my next appointment or is it something completely unrelated? My neck/back isn't ever painful unless I try to straighten up.

    Bad posture can lead to all sorts of problems. But maybe trying seeing a chiropractor/osteopath. They've been far more help to me than my gp as they really seem to understand the spine and related problems

    To fix bad posture stand near a wall with your butt and shoulder blades on the wall.
    Next pull in your tummy in and move your feet to the wall.
    Lastly lean your head back on the wall.
    This is perfectly straight posture.
    Walk away from the wall and try to retain that posture.

    To sort out your head try to stand straight, put a hand on your tummy and pull it in.
    Then put another hand on the chin of your head and try to pull the head back while using light pressure from your fingers (LIGHT!! do not force your head back as this may cause injury).
    After a while you might even be able to overstretch it a bit.

    Do this like 8 times in a row every morning (or twice a day) and your posture will eventually get better.

    DISCLAIMER: You should consult your doctor before using any of these tips as they may cause harm if done incorrectly!

    Sources: Had rather bad posture for a long while until I started ballroom-dancing (where straight posture is required) and these were the excericses that I did to fix my posture.

    EDIT: Also stretching my back (sorta leaning backwards with my arms extended below me also helps).

    The best ways of fixing it "at home" are stretching and lifting weights.

    Particularly stretching your pecs and front delts and strenghtening your thoracic spine and rear delts.

    A lot of bad posture is also just laziness in standing, sitting etc properly so be aware of how you "should" be positioned and keep it like that! You will probably find that it's not a case of not being able to get into a healthy position, but that it doesn't come naturally because you've slouched etc for years.

    I know that when I had a really thick pillow for a while my neck would lean forward more when I was awake but when I got rid of it, it returned to normal.
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Updated: April 2, 2013
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