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How could I become more muscular in my arms? watch

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    Hi! I'm almost 20 and a guy. I keep fit by cycling a lot, and because I cycle, I've got quite muscular thighs.

    Thing is, I don't feel confident about my body. I don't mind taking my shirt off for things like swimming or when the UK actually gets a bit of warmth ahaha, but my lower half of my body looks strong, yet the upper half looks a bit weedy.

    I work in retail. Since I got transferred out into the warehouse and getting in deliveries and lifting heavy goods, even though i'm getting transferred back soon, since being out there, I feel a bit stronger which I quite like.

    I don't want to be one of these people who has huge muscles or one of these people who roll their sleeves up haha, but just kinda average/a bit more definition than what I have now.

    I'd go to the gym, but although i'm almost 20, I still look about 15 and I'd feel embarrassed. Stupid I know, but knowing me, i'd probably drop a weight onto my foot too. How could I do this from home? Like what weights and how much to do/what to start with? and what to eat?


    Get yourself some dumbbells and possibly a barbell if you can afford it, then just lift at home. I would also recommend getting a pull-up bar and ofcourse incorporate push ups into your day. However, you also have to eat right (eat more protein-rich food to complement your workouts).

    Curls for the girls.

    Just do bicep and barbell curls for biceps, and tricep raises (seeing as you're not a member of a gym) for triceps.

    Oh, and join a gym. You don't need to feel self-conscious, people just focus on their own stuff.

    You could do it at home with a bar, a bench and a lot of plates. If you want to do it properly, go to the gym. Don't be embarrassed - when I started I wore a jumper when I worked out because I was self-conscious but most people in the gym either a) don't even recognise you exist as they are focused on lifting or b) are helpful and willing to give you advice.

    Some important things:

    1. Eat a lot... A LOT of clean food (at least 3000 calories a day).
    2. Sleep. Don't go out, get wasted and have no sleep. Next day will be a write off - you won't eat, your body won't have had time to grow and you'll be tired for the gym.
    3. Be consistent; don't miss a meal; don't miss a session.
    4. Do mainly compound movements (e.g. deadlift, squat, press, bench, barbell curl, close grip bench) of fairly low reps (5-8) in order to bulk up. There are endless workout routines on the internet, most people point beginners to Starting Strength. As for what to start with - whatever you can do with good form. Steadily increase the weights each week; you want to always try and make progress, but not sacrifice form.

    Also, remember, big arms don't make you look big. Having round, broad shoulders and a big back make people look big. Lastly, getting bigger takes a lot of effort, time, money and dedication. You have to really apply yourself and commit. Good luck.
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