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    I need help with choosing the most appropriate subjects for IB. I've asked many people, but I've received different responses, and would like to hear what you would say.

    A regular IB diploma require candidates to choose subjects from different areas. However, due to my strong interest for computers and sciences, I have selected three sciences chemistry, computer science, physics. I am very interested in computers, but I also want to keep my options open for general engineering, which requires chemistry and physics.
    I know that the three standard sciences (bio, chem, physics) is a tried and tested combination, but I want computer science instead of bio.

    I know that universities does not require 3 sciences but I find it difficult to drop any of them. My school has applied to IBO but I'm not sure if I'll be granted permission for an irregular diploma with these subjects.

    So my question is, would US universities accept this irregular diploma for admission? Also, would the lack of a social science affect my application?

    If it wont work out, what are the other options for pursuing computer studies? Should I just drop Chemistry and take up something else, economics or psychology, for example ?


    Hi. I'm in IB too, but I don't have an irregular diploma, nor am I from US. I'm just telling you what my opinion on the matter is. The thing is, you will have to have a very good reason to explain why you pursued an irregular diploma. Is it because you want to pursue something in Uni that would need all 3? Whatever the reason, it mustn't sound like an irrational, spontaneous decision that you just felt like making when you woke up yesterday.

    I think the best thing to do is to phone up or email some of the US unis you like/are interested in and ask them whether they accept these irregular diplomas, specifically if your combo is accepted. Better get the official opinion now than after completing the first year of IB.

    They'll probably still accept it, but the IB diploma doesn't mean but so much on this side of the pond. On the bright side, I don't think it'll matter what subjects you've taken, as they're not all that important here. It's most important to show that you've got academic talent and (stupidly enough) that you are a well-rounded candidate. Your specific subjects only come into play for awarding credit, which (for the best universities) is unlikely at best and (if it is given) may require a 7.
    If you feel the need to explain it to them (or if they for some reason want that), then you'll have plenty of opportunities in the many essays they make you write for each application.
    However, as the person above said, it's probably best to email their admissions team and find out for sure what they'll think.
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