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    Hi everyoneeeeer, I have a dilemma that I need help with.

    basically, I have unconditional offers from both nottingham and LSE to study law, but I don't know where to go. Obviously LSE as a much higher prestige but the only downside is I'd be living at home :/ will that have a huge effect on my social life? And I also feel like if I need help from lecturers then I'd sort of be a small fish in a big pond so to speak- everyone there is so smart!!:eek:

    nottingham however I do really like the sound of and the look of, but i would have to share a bathroom (not being up myself, i just never really liked the idea of that)..only thing is I'm wondering if I should take lse since it has a much better reputation in the legal field! What would you guys do if you we're in my position?

    Thank you for anyone who replies btw, I really appreciate any advice I'm getting right now tbh

    With LSE law you will have almost no fear of unemployment as many of my friends do it and they are so valued by employers from everywhere it seems. I know many ppl who live at home and it doesnt really affect social life too much, most students spend most their time at uni or with friends anyway and barely see roommates except when to sleep. In terms of lectures and getting help dont worry you'll have opportunity to speak to lecturers and teachers through their office hours, and please dont get intimidated by other students many are not as bright as you think. Im not sure about nottingham uni sorry but this is my take on lse. good luck with your decision

    I have the same dilemma, between Nottingham and UCL/LSE

    I'll give you a view on Nottingham, as you've already had one on LSE.

    Personally, I don't think you should choose a university for its prestige. If you don't like the feel of a university, then that can't be changed. If you don't like the university to go to, you're not going to achieve as much as you would have if you enjoyed it.

    I've chosen Nottingham rather than LSE, because I'd rather be a student in a campus rather than in London. I think the teaching is very good at Nottingham, and it receives very high student satisfaction. With statistics I've looked at, it outranks both UCL and LSE in terms of things like clarity of teaching, passion with which being taught, clarity of marked work etc.

    I know someone who works within the Magic Circle who has more friends who have graduated from Nottingham than UCL (I don't know about LSE, but I assume it's the same).

    I think you should choose the university that you like the most (taking into account teaching as well as lifestyle)

    I think the distinction between LSE and Nottingham in Law in terms of prestige/job prospects is minute - certainly not as much as TSR would have you believe, and probably not enough to push you one way or the other. So go for the one that you liked most when you visited, and where you think you would have the most rewarding student experience for three years. Well done for two great offers!
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