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Please help, what should I do?? watch

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    Basically I've been seeing this guy for quite a while now, and hes gone with some friends to amsterdam..
    I've never cared about someone so much in my life, i love him so much, but last night, before he went out, and i told him to be safe and not do anything stupid, and he promised he wouldn't.
    I spoke to him when he got in, and he seemed okay, a little tipsy but i put it down to tiredness. He spoke to me for 15 minutes about how he didnt do anything but how his friends got so messed up on weed and stuff, basically saying how terrible it all was, then went to bed.
    I woke up this morning to find a text from him saying that he actually got smashed and did weed, and that wasnt the first time he's done drugs before...
    Today ive been in absolute pieces not knowing what to do with myself, I cant believe he lied to me, and did something he knows I hate so so so much.
    This is a serious relationship by the way, we were talking about settling down after we finish uni and have stable home together/careers
    He gets back on monday and i really dont know what to do, please help... he said hes so ashamed of himself and sat in him room crying for causing this...

    Maybe it was because he was tipsy and was not thinking clearly?
    Maybe he was scared of how you would react so he couldn't tell you in person (but he did confess in the text didn't he so he didn't hide it from you when he could have right?)

    I know you likely trust him less but perhaps you can forgive him this time and talk to him about being open with you?

    It's the simple 'boys will be boys' saying.

    No offence but he has gone to amsterdam, weed capital of the world so what do you expect him to do? Under the influence of alcohol and the pressure of being in his group of friends he's obviously going to do something stupid. You've just got to accept it and move on. However if he started doing weed regularly back at home then I'd be concerned for him.

    Best thing to do is not make a big deal.
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