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    (Original post by Hal.E.Lujah)
    You need to wait and see if it actually is an STD before getting so upset and playing the blame game.

    From the guys perspective, how dare you act all high and mighty with him for something he didn't do on purpose and is clearly devastated about. Whilst you're understandably upset, STDs don't seek out bad people and latch on to them, you have no right to make such judgements about his choice in sexual partners, especially if you've contracted something from him and thus according to your own reasoning just as naive.

    It's a very upsetting thing, but don't take it out on eachother. Breaking up over it would just make it so much worse.
    (Original post by hääyöaie)
    We're not playing the blame game, we're thinking about what it could be. I've been checked before we started having sex, and he admits that it would have been wise to go get tested before we did anything. This reply actually made me laugh a little out loud. There has been no talk of breaking up, I've been thinking whether I should discuss my thoughts with him. I don't know about you, but I think you should try to fix things (i.e talk) before throwing them away.

    I didn't suggest breaking up at all... I just meant that if a girl thought she could get all moral high ground and play such a blame game, from a Me (male) POV, I would not stick around. You're so early in your relationship, and making such a big deal out of something from before he met you is just not healthy, especially when you don't even know if it's actually an STD at all!

    I hope you guys stay together and get through this, and I hope it isn't an STD.

    You asked for some view points on this and I've given mine, I hope it's helpful.
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    (Original post by hääyöaie)
    I don't think that he's a bad person, I'm just wondering why he didn't get tested.
    Lots of people don't test if they don't have symptoms.

    after reading the title i thought this thread was gonna be about porn
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