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    I was wondering how practical it would be for me to take my cat and two dogs to university with me when I move into private rent and not halls. I am going to university this year so have no clue but I'm guessing it won't be very easy however does anyone know of anyone who has done this? I was planning on moving into halls in 1st year and then into a flat (rent) with a couple of friends in 2nd year who I am currently at school with and are animal lovers.

    I am yet to see a student tenancy agreement that will allow cats and dogs. If you're lucky, then they will allow goldfish or small caged animals, but even that is quite rare. Before you start asking about non-student tenancies, then:
    - many landlords and letting agents will not rent to students (we don't have the best reputation as tenants)
    - most won't allow pets anyway
    - if there are 5+ of you or the property is 3+ storeys high (in England and Wales; in Scotland the law is 3+ tenants) then by law the house must have an HMO licence. Non-student properties will not have this.

    In addition, student houses are often no places for animals. Noisy, grubby, often with a bit of broken glass lying around from the last house party and with insecure gardens, if they have one at all. You also wouldn't be allowed to install a cat flap - and if you did, you'd lose your deposit.

    You'll be making new friends while you are at university, and you may find that you want to move in with them, either in addition to your school friends or exclusively with your new friends. Your school friends may make similar decisions that take the matter out of your hands. It's very hard to start planning this sort of thing far in advance.

    Is there any reason why they can't stay at home with your parents?

    It's very unlikely a landlord would allow you to have pets anyway. Why don't you just leave them at home?
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    I'm taking my dog next year, but I'm a vet student on the wirral where landlords are used to tenants having pets. I guess you could find one.

    Wow. It took us months and months to find a property that would let us have one cat... And it's a three bed semi at £650 a month, and they were begrudging at that too.

    Do you have a part time job lined up? When we got our place my partner is doing his PhD, gets £800 scholarship and £250 a month for a few hours teaching he does a week, at the time I was unemployed and they wouldn't let us have the house until I got a job. I had an interview for a job and they let us have the house on the promise I had got it... I didn't get a job for another 5 months. So be prepared for people to say no.

    You could ask to pay extra bonds (pet deposit) on top of your own to cover any cleaning and damages caused by pets. The stupid thing is in my experience pets cause less damage than kids.

    You aren't going to find a private student house for something you can realistically afford and keep your pets unless you get a housemate who's happy to live with pets, and you can trust not to put them in a microwave when they get pissed like that little **** who fried his housemates hamster...
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