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    Hi all,
    I'm currently approaching the end of my first year at the University of Liverpool, and whilst I've made some good friends here I still don't feel properly settled.
    After resitting last year, I held offers from Liverpool and QMUL, it took me a while to decide which to go to after visiting both of them, but eventually I chose Liverpool as it seemed a bit better for my course (and I think partly for the (retrospectively) arbitrary reason of it having higher entry requirements, which gave me the impression it was better).
    I really like Liverpool as a place, and it's not like I'm miserable here, I just sometimes find it hard to imagine myself studying at this particular university for 3 years. Looking back, I think I may have preferred QMUL and that I chose Liverpool for the wrong reason, which is something that's really got into my head and I'm finding very difficult to ignore.
    It's tricky, I guess I just wish I knew what you were 'meant' to feel about where you were studying, for example that you felt like you fit in or that you can't imagine yourself anywhere else which are things which I'm not really feeling at the moment.
    So yeah I guess I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced similar doubts about where you are/the decisions you've made and how long it took to feel like you were definitely settled at this place?

    I think I settled in relatively quickly (by Christmas), but I've seen others get to the start of second year before they've felt truly settled. I don't regret my decision to come to my uni, not at all, but at the same time I wouldn't say that I couldn't see myself studying elsewhere.

    However, I think this is a case of the grass being greener on the other side - if you had gone to QMUL, you may very well have found yourself wondering what life would have been like at Liverpool, especially seeing as you haven't managed to articulate any concrete reasons why QMUL would be better. I have a friend who does something not dissimilar - when he's at uni he waxes lyrical about how amazing his hometown is; within three days of returning to his hometown he's moaning about how bored he is and how much he wants to be back at uni!

    Have you become involved with things at uni? If not, I would suggest doing so. Join a society (no, it's definitely not too late!), get involved with RAG, volunteer through your students union, it doesn't really matter so long as it's connected to the uni.

    Don't forget that if you were to drop out now, then you would almost certainly be unable to get into QMUL for September, so you'd have to take a gap year before probably having to restart your degree in 2014, not graduating until at least 2017. Additionally, this isn't your last chance to study at QMUL. How about doing a postgrad degree there later?

    I started uni in January 2012 and I felt settled in after a couple of weeks. I live on campus and I had really nice unitmates which helped. However from about November until now, I've felt unsettled, probably because I have different unitmates and I really don't get on with them. I think feeling settle really comes when you are totally comfortable with who you are living with. Maybe make sure your room actually feels like your room? I do feel less homesick after sticking up photos and making the room feel like its my space. Try and focus on the positives about your uni and the program, probably you'd feel the same if you'd chosen the other uni. I was doubting between 3 unis, one recently had some really bad press so I was happy i didn't go to go to that one. The other uni I re-visited after a hockey match and realised that the campus life there was really not for me.
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