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Brown discharge and itchy vagina watch

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    Wow! Thank you for clicking on the thread! Even with the unappealing title!

    Ok. So I am going to the sexual health clinic this week when I get back to university. But I just want some opinions as well, beforehand.

    Over the past 2 days, vagina's been rather itchy. And I've noticed a small amount of brown discharge. I haven't had my period, nor is it due.

    I'm on the pill. Have been for 6 years. I have taken it back to back for 2 months, so it might just be a period coming up; brown discharge, but itchy vagina?

    I've been home for the easter weekend, so been using another shower gel. Itchy vagina?

    The last time I had sex was 1 month ago, and with a partner I've been sleeping with for a number of years, and (i'm pretty sure) was clean. I'm due for a regular check up anyway. It's been a month, so surely enough time has gone past?

    Any ideas what this could be? Again, I am going to the clinic, just wondering in the mean time...

    Thank you

    sounds like you are in fact pooing out of your vagina. i would recommend seeing a therapist.

    I was told by doctor that brown discharge is in fact blood? and the pill can cause a sore spot on the cervix which then bleeds. Might not be the case for you but that was the case for me.

    Look, definitely go to your GP or your clinic. If you can't or you want other options, try looking online. A friend of mine recommended me the STI clinic which is an online service and to be honest it's worked for me. Maybe you want to take a look at what tests they can offer you.

    Before even reading this and seeing the title alone I thought 'if she is on the pill its blood'. I am on the pill, have been for years and at one point I took the pill back to back - just because I couldn't be bothered with my period anymore! At certain times though, I would go very sore...sometimes I'd have a bit of an itch down there and there would be a light brownish kind of stain in my knickers. This is just my natural period trying to come through but since my body thinks it is pregnant because I'm taking the pill, it obviously isn't coming!

    But I do have these symptoms sometimes. Also, I'm in a loving relationship of 5 years and haven't had sex with anybody else so that is how I know its nothing else. Plus I went to the doctors haha!

    Be on the safe side though, go and get checked because it could be nothing but then again you never know everybody is different. Don't worry too much!

    I had very similar symptoms a while back and it was just bacterial vaginosis; took some antibiotics and it went away, nothing to worry about. Could be something different with you, of course, and brown discharge and blood do look very similar, but I wouldn't worry too much if I were you. Just wear a pad until you can get to the doctor's.
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