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Bf finally broke up with me and is refusing to hear me out watch

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    A few weeks ago I finally got things back on track with him
    We worked things out and it had gotten back to normal
    This weekend we were meant to meet up and spend it together

    Prior to this i hadnt I been out since Jan due to the emotional toll of the last breakup and my studies took a backseat because I wasnt ready to face the world, even my friends were ignored

    when we got back together I extended a week out in uni even though it had closed just so I could get to see him, because it would have been difficult if I had gone home.
    I was looking forward to seeing him so much, I love this man like no other and its completely mutual

    On thursday morning I was full of excitement about the weeks end and I was in total isolation so I took to twitter where all my friends are and exchanged banter and expressed my anticipation.
    This included me teasing a guy about his feigned innocence of women and sex and as a photographer I joked he used this occupation to lure women and "stroke the p**" a euphemism
    I tweeted some things like "bdsm weekend" and how fairly long dis relationships increase sexual anticipation and the like.
    I deleted those tweets because I didnt want other people in my mentions but left the convo b/w me and the guy

    I got an email from by then bf of how it was over and how Im an emb and i broke the deal of if i couldnt control myself on a public forum and how he wants nothing to do with me anymore, that he has tried and my slut mentality keeps coming to the fore...
    I tried emailing him back to explain and he replied saying how hes blocking me here too and started calling me names

    He didnt even hear me out, he didnt want to, he didnt even see what i had wrote, took the two texts from people as foolproof without confronting me and misinterp the convo i had with my friend

    I am in such a state. I cant function, I have essays that will determine the mark for my year which I cant bring myself to do.
    He got the wrong end of the stick and isnt allowing me to explain

    I took a week out, Ive stayed in until i had a chance to pan things over with him but he ends it over this?
    Im hurt because at least before when we broke up he loved me but now he doesnt, or so he says

    I smashed up my windows in my state and im feeling suicidal
    all that happened, all the effort I made and for what?
    Hes blocked me from contatcting him, the friends in the convo i asked to tell him what happened but he isnt having any of it

    I love him so much he made me so happy and i messed up and tarnished his image of me because of nothing
    im the first proper gf and love hes had desp him being 26 and its all gone to flames

    Okay truth my hurt a bit but it ull get over it.. But these two are the most likely reasons he doesnt want to talk to you anymore.

    First: I think this might be the reason, He has been thinking of breaking up with you for a while now, and he is using this as excuse to break the relationship. Its not because you were flirting on twitter or whatever he just needed an excuse. so dont beat urself up cuz it prob wasnt working out for him and guys can act like everything is fine and dandy till the last moment.

    2nd Reason: He might have had a bad experience with another girl where he gave her more than one chance and she abused it. So he is distancing himself to not feel like that again.

    Hope that helps

    From : EX-Playa
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