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    I'd rather this was kept anon please because I don't want my friends to read this.
    Please do NOT tell me to go away because tsr is not a doctor's surgery without reading this through.

    I developed a tiny skin rash (just one or two blotches on my stomach) about a month and a half ago.
    I was pretty sure it was nothing but thought I would go to the doctors anyway to get it checked out.
    The doctor diagnosed psoriasis and said it looked like a mild case. She prescribed some creams (vitamin d and another intensive moisturiser).
    She said I should try to see her again in about 2-3 weeks.
    I used the creams as directed and instead of improving, my skin problem got noticeably worse.I developed about 10-15 of these blotches and they were of varying colours. Some were flakey, some were scaly and others were just red. I also noticed some tiny red spots developing which didn't look the same as the others.
    I went to the walkin surgery and saw the same doctor again. She said that she was now not sure if it was psoriasis and thought it could be a fungal infection. She called another doctor in the surgery over for a second opinion (this doctor is specifically well qualified in dermatology issues although she's still a GP and not a specialist). they both said that it looked unusual but could possibly be an infection.
    Throughout this time I felt absolutely fine in myself and the rash wasn't itchy They also did a symptom check for meningitis which they were certain it was not.

    Doctor then prescribes me anti-fungal cream (really over the counter stuff really) and said see me in around 3 weeks.
    I made an appointment and the soonest one is the 26th April. Our surgery is the university one and its really busy.
    This was a few days ago.
    Now, I am at home for the holidays revising for my finals.I have 5 exams and a big piece of coursework to do.
    Over the past few days I've noticed loads of these new spots/blotches. At last count there were 40 on my stomach, arms, back and a few on my legs.I've also had a bit of a temperature and I've got a sore throat and a headache.

    My question is, should I wait for my appointment on the 26th or should I be seeing a doctor sooner? Our surgery is incredibly busy and the only way I could see the same doctor any sooner would be making an emergency appointment. I'm not at death's door or anything but I'm not feeling well and I can't afford for this to affect my finals.
    Any advice would be appreciated.


    Go see the doctor...better safe then sorry.
    you should probably also contact your department or whatever if you think you are going to be missing a lot of coursework/study time.

    If it's getting worse over a couple of days then the doctor's treatment isn't working and they'd want to see you. Emergency appointment sounds fair enough, especially given finals are coming.
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