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    'Wah wah wah... Our poor little girls'

    Yeah, it's all about girls. What about the boys? What about work with young boys? The problem I see as an education professional is that boys work is being ignored. Boys being ignored and branded as trouble. Especially working class and boys from poor neighbourhoods.

    Teaching is too feminine and there is a lack of male role models/teachers. Especially in early years. Even in universities the education departments are usually a taco fest. I work with young girls a lot in my job. It is important that girls are exposed to positive male role models, especially in areas with large numbers of singe parent families.

    They act like sexism is new and somehow things have gotten worse. These people remember the 60s and 70s? How about speaking discussion amongst young people instead of dictating to them that 'porn is evil, it oppresses women, etc'

    Isn't it funny that the harshest cuts are to advice facilities for youth and youth work too?

    What is it that doesn't attract men to the education profession (especially primary?)

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    (Original post by datpiff)
    What is it that doesn't attract men to the education profession (especially primary?)

    **** pay? It's dominated by women and seen as a feminine role (and lots of people that are of the age to become teachers now were brought up in schools dominated by women)? Lots of people are ridiculously suspicious of any man that wants to teach young kids ('******', 'PEDO', etc)?

    I think they're afraid of over-sexualisation of the education system and branding it sexist to get media attention. Whilst I think pole dancing in schools may be a bit too far, trying to say it objectifies women is an entirely different matter altogether, and I think personally that pole dancing is more empowering than not. These types of female teachers are the ones who look down on others for choosing to expose their bodies for money, or women who choose to be house-wives. And as the OP mentioned, they blatantly ignore the lack of male role models.
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