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    hey all

    im retaking unit 3 aqa maths gcse in june. im doing my AS's now and im really struggling with the maths retake
    i only have my revision guide and work book as im retaking as an external candidate through my old school, as i moved to sixth form college.
    im freaking out here!

    i was only one UMS of B overall, and like an idiot i thought it wouldnt matter and didnt get the remark- now i really wish i did!
    i want to do natural sciences at uni, and i have nottingham in mind as my favourite and they dont have maths requirements, but the others do so i really need to get this B.
    Can anyone offer me any advice? i was trying quadratic formula today and i felt like crying because i just cant do it! I shouldnt be finding it this hard!:eek:

    Do literally every past paper, and quadratic formula you just need to rearrange your quadratic equation so its 0= ax^2 +bx + c. Then sub a, b, c into the formula

    A quadratic, say equal to 0 follows the form ax^2+bx+c=0

    The quadratic formula is: x = \dfrac{-b \pm \sqrt{b^2-4ac}}{2a}

    One thing a lot of candidates mess up is the plus and minuses, also forgetting about the demoninator
    Remember it is 2a, if your a term is 5x^2 then the denominator will be 10, with minuses insure that you place brackets around most terms (especially negatives) so you don't mess up, then really it is just a matter of plugging numbers into formulas.. do not forget that there is likely to be two solutions, if it asks for a positive one make sure your sum is positive, if it asks negative make sure your formula comes out negative, if it asks for all solutions then do the process and then use the plus on one term, and the minus on the other.

    Also remember each number assigned to the formula, ONLY includes the coefficients a, b and c, not extra x terms etc

    Well, the quadratic formula is on page 2 of the exam, you don't have to learn it! Just how.

    Basically a is the x2 part, b is the x part and c is the number on the end.

    So, if the equation was x2+4x+16, a would be 1, b would be 4 and c would be 16.

    So, x=-4(+or-) (Square root) 42(-4X1X16)

    Keep simplifying (you will have a calculator!) until you can't anymore and then seperate the + and - and finish the equation. Remember you should have 2 answers for a quadratic.

    Hope this makes sense!

    Also, to go back on the old cliché Past Papers are your best friend, get a teacher to look over it or use mark schemes. Message me if there's anything you don't understand. You'll be fine!
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