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Missed Period on Cerazette- Could I Be Pregnant? Watch

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    I've been taking Cerazette for 11 months now and have had regular periods every two weeks whilst I've been on it (apart from a two month break with no periods last summer). My period was due to come 6 days ago and I still haven't had it. I've never missed a pill ,last time I had sex was 11 days ago (we never use protection as I'm on the pill). I had very light stomach cramps last week which I thought were period pains but obviously weren't and I felt a bit sick two weeks ago, though I'm not sure if this was due to a hangover or not, I'd been out the night before and was a bit drunk but don't think I was that bad. I can't take a pregnancy test as I'm on a family holiday in the middle of nowhere so won't be able to take one until I go back to uni in three weeks. Has anyone else had this before? I know Cerazette stops bleeding but normally it stops in the first few months, could it still stop it eleven months after starting?

    Cerazette does make your periods irregular, but if you haven't missed a pill then I'm sure you'll be fine. It may be different things that cause you to miss your period and make them irregular, plus you do need to wait at least 3 weeks to take a pregnancy test, so if your period doesn't come by then, take a test to be on the safe side and keep taking your pill.
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    I know this is an old post but I found it while I was researching my own problem. I am in the exact same situation as you are. I have taken it for a year roughly and used to have one or two period like bleeds every month and now suddenly nothing and have some pregnancy like symptoms too.

    How did it work out for you? Did it turn out to just be side effects from the pill? I haven't bled for 6 weeks :/. I know this pill can muck up your bleeding but I am worried. I have never missed a pill.
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    If you ve not missed a single pill then pregnancy is extremely unlikely,i ve been taking it for 6 months and originally my periods were every 3-4 weeks but now my last one has been 7 weeks since the last one so i d say take a test to be sure but otherwise you ve no need to worry. you could try another pop pill if its bothering you that much

    I'm on cerazette and I don't get a period at all! I ended up taking 3 pregnancy tests when i first stopped my periods to triple check as i was so paranoid! However it's just It a bit of a weird pill, i don't have a period at all. The best thing to do to put your mind at rest might be to take a test. Considering you used 2 forms of contraception the chances of you actually being pregnant are almost nothing. But It does help to put your mind at rest, if you're not stressing out like I was then wait another week or so and you'll probably get it.
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Updated: June 18, 2013
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