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How to apply to jobs (bar, pubs, coffee shops) in stores. watch

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    I've recently took the step to quit my office apprenticeship after 1 year of working there due to various reasons. I'm aware the chances of getting job seekers allowance are nil.

    I've filled out the jsa application form online and am waiting for 2-3 days for a call to arrange an interview with a job adviser. I just wanted to speak with someone about my options really. In the meantime I've been applying to some low end jobs online such as asda, sainsburys, mcdonalds, pizza hut..... kfc even invited me for an interview at one point but I was unable to attend due to the bad snow fall so lost the position. Basically I'm aiming for any job with bad staff turnover but where I can learn valuable skills.

    Anyway I wanted to show extra initiative by applying in stores for jobs. Costa and Starbucks for example have online application form that they say to bring in to store once filled out. There a dozen coffee shops within walking distance due to where I live. Some of them privately owned. I was also going to go to one of the asda I haven’t applied to and asks for an application so I can hand it in, in person. usually I'm a confident person but doing this feels a little out of my comfort zone so I was wondering if anyone had any advice.

    Another question is who I should address my application form / CV to when I don’t have a name?

    Dress smartly, be polite and ask to hand the application to the manager personally if they are available. Be really friendly and chatty as that's what they'll want from an employee.
    CVs should be addressed FAO store manager though I'd personally phone the companies beforehand and ask for the managers name.
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    Thats kind of what I was thinking, Main thing I'm worrying about is either making a complete idiot of myself or talking to one over the counter. I know at my last place of work cv's where often thrown in the bin and telephone messages left ignored.

    What sort of time do we think is best. I was wanting to leave the house early and walk round city centre handing out cvs with application forms to costa and starbucks. I was thinking about 7:30 or so whilst the stores are quiet but before the morning rush. There open from 7:00 onwards so it gives em time to sort things out.

    Lack of experince in these sort of postions is also a cause for concern. Last job was all office based and I'm having to twist (lie slightly) everything to try and make it fit on the application form.

    I work in bars and pubs, and all I did was dress smart-casual, ask if there were any vacancies and dropped a CV if I could. I didn't have a covering letter addressed to anyone, and prior to my jobs now, no experience. If you're the right person for the job and they think you'll fit in with their team, they'll take you in and train you up no worry.

    Just be polite and you won't be far off the mark you could ask to speak to the manager, although I never bothered.

    As for times, I went after the lunch rush, but I guess going really early in the morning will give you a slight edge - showing willingness, etc. I'd look online first as well, to see if there are any big companies who work online - such as Wetherspoons.
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    I always go to weatherspoons and have several in my area but never thought to look there so thanks for the tip, I'll check em out.

    So gerally you just had a polite chat with anyone behind the counter regarding vacancies and left a cv?

    As I said its somewhat out of my comfort zone but I need a job and this seems better than sitting a home waiting for a job to come to me.

    Im pirnting of the lablels for the letters im going to hand out tomorow so if no more advice can be given, wish me luck. You never know I may get lucky. My last employer has offered to give an excellent refrence which should help.

    ask directly to those shops
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