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    Hi ,

    Hope you would be well and in best of sprints. I am new here and this is my first time for any post. I am writing to you regarding the difficulty in finding a suitable job. I need your help in shape of advice. I am a graduate of Chemical & process engineering from one of the university in London UK with a 2:2 classification. The university awarded me 2:2 on 59.4% which was rounded off to 59% officially. While their own regulations states that any candidate in this stage should be awarded a higher classification which clearly was not exercised on me.

    I was very disappointed on myself and wanted to make an appeal but I could appeal on that time due the some reason which I will explain in the letter. At the moment I would like you advice on what should I be doing for finding work? I have tried almost all the ways by emailing the companies my resume, sending them mail via royal mail, going in person to offices, networking through LinkedIn and the last resort was recruitment companies but no success. Although I have some work experience and still the companies don’t value it and I have been unemployed since January 2013. Everywhere I am applying I am been rejected on the bases of 2:2 or some companies say that you don’t have enough experience. . I don’t understand I have applied over 200 job’s and not a single in person interview all the phone interview at the end they say they all require 2:1 and above. Where should a person like me go? I am not eligible for applying for any graduate schemes since they all require 2:1, although some do accept 2:2 but due to the competition they only take 2:1.

    I don’t understand how will someone get an experience without working? And for working (job) he/she needs experience and the cycle goes on. Some people advice that you need to know people in the industry to get a job, but I disagree because my father although retired Chemicals Engineer can’t help in getting a job. I was so saddened and I decided to look for part-time jobs just to avoid CV gap and earn some money for that I have applied in superstores offices etc. they don’t even get back to me. I agree I don’t have any retail experience but if I am not given a chance how will I learn and get experienced?

    What does this industry wants from us graduates with 2:2 to sit home all our life and take employments benefits? If that was the case why did we go to university and spend three to four years of our life there? We could have done something better which could have given us money in our pockets at least we wouldn't have dependent on government. I want to contribute the same way like other hard working people are in these finical difficult times as a responsible citizen I don’t have to sit home and do nothing.

    Now if you would say why do I work voluntarily? Why don’t I do masters? First regarding the voluntarily work all the experience I have gained so far was my voluntary work and about masters I don’t have money to live, how can I afford such high fee of the university for master these days? I can’t expect my retired father to help me since he is already paying for my sister masters which he paying from his saving. I simply can’t ask money from him I am living at his house even what more can I ask from him. I need to know what is there Government can do? I would love any job at the moment but no one wants to consider the application. I am a qualified Engineer accredited by the governing body still I am facing this difficulty. I do agree I am not the only one in this situation that why I would to ask on behave of everyone in the same situation like me what should we do?

    Now coming to the point to Appeal, I know I should have appealed against the decision at the time I found out about my results. However, I failed to do this due to the confusion caused at that time as I was offered a PhD in the same university and was told to achieve 2:1 or just or approximately 60% which I did achieve. I was told to complete the PhD application by August if I want to pursue my post-graduation in 2102-2013 for which I had to give my degree certificate as that was only possible if I accept my degree .I was given no choice nor any advice about what should be done. When I submitted the application, I was formally accepted by the Supervisor and The University.

    I was told that I will start my research in October 2012 but till date I am waiting for it to start because of the funding issues. Currently, I am left with no PhD or a good degree of 2:1 (although I was very close to it) and that had forced me to look into the job market. Wherever I apply for jobs I face rejection with feedback saying I should appeal against my university’s decision on 2:2 (59.4%)

    I am totally depressed and don’t see myself as engineer in near future at all unless someone changes their way of thinking towards us.

    Waiting for your opinions and expect to get good ideas.

    Best Regards

    p.s. i m sorry for any spelling and grammar mistakes i am slightly dyslexic.
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