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    So, tomorrow I'm gonna go and meet a letting agent to sign a 3-month contract for student accomodation. I've only met the letting agent, not the landlord, and seeing as I'm paying rent upfront it struck me as a bit odd and potentially unsafe that I'm giving a large sum of money to someone I've never met, for... basically just a piece of paper saying "Yeah this guy can live here".

    I mean... maybe I'm overreacting, but, lol, after watching so many episodes of The Real Hustle I'm inclined towards suspicion in these things!

    I've also never been to the letting agent's office, and when I looked it up on Google Maps, it's just a house in the middle of some residential estate. He said we can just meet for the signing and payment at the property I'm planning on renting.

    I'm guessing he'll give me a copy of the Tenancy Agreement, but is that alone enough to show that I am legally entitled to live in that house? What happens if some day I get a knock at the door and someone asks me "What the hell are you doing in my house"? I know this is really paranoid but... still.

    I've become a little more suspicious since the letting agent has become more and more difficult to contact, and also he said he'd send me the landlord's details but hasn't done so.

    I guess I could link the agent's website, maybe that will be of help, IDK. Here it is: http://www.moveopps.com/

    With some leases you never actually meet your landlord, often this is when the landlord is too far away from the property or doesn't want to manage it but still wants an income from it. What happens is a Landlord says to a Estate Agency manage my property and you take a cut of the rent typically 20% so don't be surprised if you never meet your landlord as this is sometimes the case with being a landlord.

    Also your contract is with the estate agency and not the landlord so really you need not worry about the landlord at all only the estate agency. If however you are really worried about the legitimacy of this company and wish to protect yourself, save a copy of their website in both cache and screenshot form (with details of the business is even better like an address or photo of staff etc etc), research if they are a registered company on the companies house website and note their number and details from that, keep a copy of the tenancy agreement, copy it again if possible and send that third copy to a reputable and trustworthy person, lastly keep as many details and descriptions of who you deal with as much as possible.

    However you might be over-reacting but the tips above should help ease your fears.
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    Have you had your contract looked over by your student union/guild? If they offer this service you really should make use of it - they can highlight any potential problems up front and make sure you aren't signing up to something that isn't fair to you.

    As the above poster says - depending on the contract you may never actually meet your landlord. Even if they don't use the letting agency to handle the property they might not need to be in touch unless something breaks or goes wrong (and even then you may well be supposed to contact the agency first)
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