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    I recently went to the Durham post-offer open day. I desperately wanted to love it, as I have heard such great things about the university from family friends and others. The reputation of Durham is stella:whenever I mention what universities I'm looking at, when I mention durham the unanimous reaction is 'Oh, Durham! Ooo' or something along similar lines to that.

    I loved the facilities, if I go I'll be apart of 'Stevo' , which means the gym is less than 5 minutes walk away, and everything is pretty much roll-out-of-bed distance. I'm quite sporty and so the rowing will be fantastic, the gym is basically brand new, and even the pool table in the common room is new.

    The vibe was great, the restaurants were good (although Cafe Aroma was pretty pricey considering..), and the accommodation was great as well (en-suite, not too many people per hall).

    Like I said, I desperately wanted to love Durham so that It'd be an easy decision to firm the uni and get on with achieving the grades. Yet, I sat in on an introductory business management/marketing taster session and I left utterly disillusioned. The room was basically a standard classroom that you'd see in secondary school, kitted out with those little chairs with the crappy folding desks attached. The professor, I forget his name, was entirely unenthusiastic and did more harm than help with respect to coercing us to study at Durham. Upon exiting this session and liaising with the other attendees, this lackluster sentiment was shared. One student and his father (who was ex-durham student) called sitting through that session "purgatory" -- a little extreme, but you get the point.

    One half of me wants to just ignore that session, look at the credentials of the business school (which are good) and stick with it. Besides, I'll be spending the majority of my time not in the lecture theatres/tutorials, which means I'll be enjoying the aspects of the university I did like.

    The other half has had me reconsidering Exeter, and even Nottingham. I'm going to spend the best part of 3 years at a university, and if I choose Durham I forego the opportunities at the universities which I didn't choose, which may have given me a better experience all round. Nottingham is at least 15 ranks below Durham in nearly every table I've looked at, but the business school there is stella and the facilities when I visited were awe-inspiring. Literally jaw-dropping. The architecture of the buildings, the lecture theatres, and the lecturers were fun, enthusiastic and inspirational. I haven't been to an Exeter open day, although I did visit the university independently. Its business school is consistently ranked around the top 5 in the country, and I have some friends who go there and love it. I wasn't attached to Exeter in the same way that I was to Durham, but honestly the let down of Durham's business department really threw me off and made me consider other options.

    Please advise.

    (Original post by Revi)

    I'm afraid don't know much about Business or Queens, but there are two comments I'll make;

    First off, the difference you've seen in lecture theatres could be down to two reasons off the top of my head. One, that Nottingham showed you the best they had, while Durham showed you what you'd actually be taught in. Two, that Durham being a relatively small university (and Queen's being the secondary campus) will probably mean smaller class sizes than at other Universities, and as such the different style of room to be more appropriate (and presumably cost-efficient).

    Secondly, on lecturers, all the best Universities (and departments therein) have bad eggs that really aren't suited to teaching, despite say, being world-class researchers. The one who gives you an introduction may not end up actually teaching any of the course, and the set of lecturers teaching a degree will change from year to year as people move around positions. And there could be any number of reasons why this guy ended up chosen to give the introductory talk, like just being the only person free at the time, or something.

    So yeah, just that to mention.

    Hey, oddly enough I'm pretty much in the same position as you, with offers from both Notts and Durham for business management. I think I've come to a decision between them however so just in case it helps you this is what I thought about..

    Ok, the college system: As much as I love the idea of all years socializing and it being a "family environment", there were some bits that didn't seem so great. As Queens campus is only a small campus with a few subjects a lot of the people in your college/live with will be on your course. Moreover, with 40 minutes to get to Durham City and most societies replicated/based at Queens, the people at the clubs you join are again likely to be either on the same course/ same college. (Same with sports clubs).
    At Nottingham however, you can make/ have lots of different friends from different groups: you can live at University campus (despite jubilee being being where you work) so have a greater chance of different hall friends/course friends. Moreover, with most societies Uni-wide and a greater number of people open/eligible to join these societies the friends you make in these are also quite likely to be different to those on your course/in your halls.
    (While 1000 people at snow/stevo, you have 25 000 at notts as a whole- I think!!!)

    Also travelling abroad in Nottingham is intergrated into the three year course (if you want to travel), and by doing this time away you can convert your degree title to "International management" if you like! Also you have the option of going to the chinese summer school or just going abroad for a semester! On the other hand, travelling abroad adds a fourth year to the Durham course, and whilst Notts offers reduced fees for the year abroad (depends where you go how much this is) at Durham you pay a couple of thousand for the extra year.

    I also agreed with all the plus points you said about nottingham facilities/employment/opp to do the nottingham advantage award/high profile enactus team etc. Also I like the idea of studying in those buildings, they were incredible!!! Shame Durham didn't live up to it's reputation - i was initially so excited to have been accepted from "oh durham"!

    I'm going to visit warwick and see if it is as good/better than notts!
    I can If not i will firm nott... (does that make sense?!). I think if I work hard enough to try and get a really good 2:1 or first from notts, plus do the nottingham advantage award and go abroad for the year, I can make the degree look as good as one would from durham (if not better!), and have a better social life/experience!

    Wherever you go you will have an amazing time I'm sure!!!! Hope this helps!
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