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    I just received a rejection from Warwick for law, the best university (in terms of ranking) that I applied too. I applied with 38 IB points, just meeting their standard offer.

    So far, the second best university that I have an offer from is University of Manchester.

    Now, based on my mock exam results and TOK + EE my current grade has gone up to a 39 (playing it safe) - 40 (possible, but slightly risky). Assuming I score I 39 - 40, is it better to just take the Manchester offer, or take a gap year and reapply to Warwick and other universities? During this time I would probably do the SAT etc. as well...keeping that in mind.

    How is Manchester's reputation? More specifically, what is Manchester's law faculties reputation?


    Hello there

    I'm doing a law A level at college and my teacher is very much 'in love with law' he has said that the University of Manchester is a wonderful Uni to study law at. He's also said that the city itself is lovely and a nice one to spend your uni years in.

    My friend also study law at that uni however law wasn't the area he wanted to pursue so he dropped out. Although he said it was wonderful if law was what you wanted to be doing. He said the only let down was the university run halls where a bit grubby.

    I'm not applying to do law at uni but I have been in your situation with my chosen course. I had my mind set on one uni like you do Warwick. My best advice is to take the university offer if its the course you want to do even though its not your chosen uni. Your university is part what the uni can offer but its also what you put into it. So think about whether you'd be happy and still achieving what it is you want, at the other uni even though its not Warwick. Also will the Gap year really benefit you? University places become even narrow as the years change. well done with the Manchester offer by the way

    I hope this helps you a little and good luck with it all

    I have the same situation for when/if (pleaaase no) I get rejected from Bristol.
    My other choice is Birmingham and I have thought about reapplying next year, but, lets be honest. I know it's not really in my character to redo a year, I just don't feel in it. So do you?
    I know many on here say that they want to get TCs in MC firms and stuff but, at the end of the day,the university will only be part of your application for these TCs.
    Once I get a response from Bristol I may feel differently but I would suggest looking at other things that you could do in your year out, or alternatively, what you could do in Manchester!
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    Thanks for your advice. One more question if I may, what about Exeter? I have an offer from there as well? Worth considering? Better than Manchester?
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    You can accept the Manchester offer and then decide to completely withdraw later. You have until September to decide, really, so you can see whether you get good enough results to reapply or not.

    You could also look into Adjustment - if you exceed your offer then you can apply to other unis without risking that offer. But not many people gain places so it really isn't guaranteed.
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