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    I have been friends with her for about 8 years, on and off.
    I've been back in contact with her for about a year and at first everything was great. She wasn't at college and she was alone in her flat when her boyfriend was away. We would always have such a great laugh and it was lovely having her around again. However the more time I spent with her the more I became annoyed. It's like her true colours were showing once again. It felt like she was taking me for granted. For example: For her Birthday I got her exactly what she wanted and it cost me £40.00 but I didn't care about the price I just liked the fact that she needed it and that it made her smile. When it came to my Birthday I got... Nothing. She said she was getting me this top from my favourite TV show but I never received anything. For Christmas I bought her 3 things which came to about £30.00 and when it came to Christmas she was all "So wheres my Christmas present?" She was already given them. When I had told her it was like she was disappointed. I did receive a present but it was a phone cover for £5.99. I didn't mind I knew her circumstances when it came to money.

    She wanted to go back to college which she ended up doing. She was so happy she was out the house and I was happy too. This is when I felt like I was invisible and only needed when she wanted something. She made new friends and that was great too but what wasn't great was her texting them all the time while in my presence. When ever I was over hers she would talk to them on FaceBook or stick herself in her work for hours asking them for help. She came to mine and she was using my computer to talk to them. I felt ignored.

    I started college again since finding work was failing. I think within a month I only saw her once at college. I had no friends there apart from her. My whole class was full of boys. I was alone and she was always next door. The first time I had to go to the doctors and I texted her where she was but to no reply. The second time I eventually saw her but she was too busy having fun with her college friends that I didn't feel like I was there and I would rather sit by myself outside of my classroom. The third time she wasn't even there when I was waiting for her outside her classroom for lunch. She didn't even bother to text me to notify me. I was stood waiting for 20 minutes. I felt so slapped in the face I just couldn't be arsed to text her where she was. I saw her later on laughing with her friends but I just walked straight past her. Later on she tried to make me feel like the bad person.

    It just feels like whenever things don't go her way she just doesn't bother. I asked her to go to town after she had asked what I was doing tomorrow and since I had been cooped up for a week. I'm guessing she wanted to stay in because I didn't receive an reply after that and I'm still waiting.

    In my mind I don't miss her and I don't want to spend time with her but why is it so hard to say "I don't want to be friends"?

    You don't have to say 'I don't want to be friends'. The best thing to do is spend as little time with her as possible, and if she asks why you don't contact her any more, tell her that you think she's probably happier with her new friends and that you wish her all the best, and after that don't reply to anything she has to say. If she gets annoyed or tries to coax you into an argument, ignore her, no matter what she says. Simply get on with your life away from her. This girl is clearly a user, and I had a friend just like this in high school. I decided to walk away rather than continue a relationship that was going nowhere. I haven't looked back. The most important thing to remember in life is that you can't change the behaviours of others, only yourself. She will not change - therefore it is up to you to walk away.

    As for right now, I can understand that if you don't have a lot of mates at college that clinging on to this girl seems like your only option. I would suggest joining some sort of club or social group to meet other people with similar interests. Keep looking for a job, it is also a good way to make some friends while also earning some cash. Nothing builds camaraderie like working a ****ty job together.
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