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    Im currently taking time out from a medical degree course due to ill health/ family issues with the intention of returning next year. Now I am questioning my motivation for studying medicine at all. Throughout the past year I found that my style of learning had to be very organised and realised that I learnt best from very good textbooks, however my degree course was examined on lecture notes that I personally found chaotic, disorganised, and difficult to learn from. So most of the year was spent consulting 5/6 textbooks just to decipher the notes, after which I just lost my motivation. The degree course in general has little focus on medicine and more focus on science which has completely put me off the career. Now I am struggling to decide whether it is the university style that isn't right for me or the degree course in general. Should I be searching for a a career that matches my "perfectionist" style of learning or continue into a career path surrounded by chaos?
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    I'm afraid its a little difficult to decipher what you mean exactly, or what you expect from your course.

    Most courses start by teaching effectively human biology (physiology, anatomy, pathology) then move on to more clinical teaching later (diseases, how patients present, treatments), the degree to which that divide is true depending on the uni Its all still 'science' though. Medicine is a science, believe it or not.

    If your main concern is "chaos" then no its not likely to improve. Clinical medicine is inherently chaotic - its rare that a patient presents exactly as the textbook says. They also forget things, lie to you, your colleagues can forget things, lab tests can be wrong, etc. Primary evidence or reviews can be of varying quality, both in their science and how they are written. I'm really not sure if that is your main concern though, or if you are just saying that you don't like some of your lectures, which is a problem everyone just has to deal with. :dontknow:

    On the other hand, if your problem is just one of content and you are early in your course, you can expect things to improve.

    Also, i don't know if this varies between unis, but we were always examined on a syllabus which the lectures were written around. The lectures themselves weren't the syllabus as sometimes people don't learn well from lectures. Is that not the case there?
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