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POLL: for the ladies (or men if relevant). Whats your idea of an average penis size? Watch

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    Hello ladies, or gents if relevant!

    I have realised in advance of posting this that there will be hundreds of threads like this...however...I really wanted to delve to the bottom of this subject.
    More so, for the reassurance of the blokes, because as I man I understand how sensitive and protective us guys are over our manhood's.

    Likewise I do understand that the ladies don't want to hurt a mans feelings, and so they may not be so truthful in their opinions (particularly in the physical).

    That is not to say that ladies are liars, just they are sensitive to their respective partners needs. Which in this context, I personally believe it would not be fair to lead a guy on.

    Similarly, being honest might hurt a mans self-confidence, in the case their penis size doesn't satisfy her--but in being humble and respectful in this opinion I think (personally so) that honesty is best policy.

    In other words there is a difference between genuine honesty, and *****iness about his manhood. Thus, striking a balance is necessary. Okay folks.....I'll be honest my manhood is between 5.5-5.9".

    Initially I believed this to be a healthy average for the UK population, however upon doing a little brief research and Googling. It appears I might just be below the average....the reason I created this poll is because I wanted a female perspective on these issues.

    In regards to my curiosities,----

    1) Would any females say that my 'size' stated above is within the range of satisfactory i.e average (to them), despite the stats and publicized materials?

    2) What are you preferences?

    3) I get so annoyed at countless arguments saying that "size doesn't matter, its what you do with it" etc etc etc. The list goes on,...what are your honest opinions? Does it matter? Only to some? A minority/majority??

    4) I understand that this is a very complex subject to really give a logical perhaps factual answer, because of varying sizes in men, but I would like some truthful answers...Ok...would dating a small man put you off?

    Okay lastly, I just want to give mention to a few issues;
    I would really like to request the views of maturity here, this means that I want an honest opinion (no jokes if possible, although this is a big ask!), critical, constructive feedback is what I am after.

    This doesn't necessarily mean I want somebody to not reflect their truthful answer, and be all nice and empathetic.
    Lastly, I can understand that some of you might be thinking, 'OK, this guy has a complex issue like most guys about his d*ck', your probably right there. As I have found, its most likely an evolutionary trait in man. He has to look good, feel good, be the alpha male, all that jazz! All I am after is a few insights into what you all think.

    Many thanks...

    Do you understand that below average is not the same as far below average?
    You're very close to the average, so much so that no one would notice. You're less than one tenth of an inch smaller than the average - that's, like, a pretty freaking small difference.

    1) If it's out of the range of satisfactory, then the bottom of the range is above average. That's what one might call, "unreasonable".

    2) Bigger is generally better. Ignore anyone who says only girth matters; with length comes girth. They positively correlate.

    3) It doesn't matter a huge amount to many people. Of course it 'matters', though, in the sense that everyone will always have a preference for one size over others. I mean, if you got two identical guys, with the only difference being that one had a small penis and one had a large one, everybody would have an opinion on who they'd rather be with.
    That doesn't mean that anyone really cares about it, though - exceptionally few people would dump someone for only having an average sized penis.

    4) It would probably put me off if it was actually small, but you are average-sized.

    The bottom line is:


    When you grow up you will realise that with perhaps the exception of being extremely small/large, any woman worth being with simply doesn't care.

    1) I don't give a **** about your size, girth or length. I care about whether or not you're actually interested and invested in what's going on, or if you're just using me as a very elaborate masturbatory sleeve.

    I don't know what size most of the guys I've been with are, because I don't carry a tape measure on me and whip it out whenever things get hot and heavy, but I believe average is about 5in - 6in. So I guess most of the guys I've been with have been 5in - 6in? I've never slept with someone who I didn't enjoy sleeping with because of their penis size. I have not enjoyed sleeping with people because they're non-reciprocal (e.g. ask for loads of oral sex but don't repay the favour), have pushed my limits (e.g. bothered me for anal), or ignored my pleasure. Actually, of guys I've slept with with very big penises, about half have pretty much ignored me in bed; I know that sounds impossible, but what I mean they just go through the same routine they use with everyone, that they're used to and that works for them, without being responsive or attentive to what I want. I think some guys assume that because they have a big ****, they don't have to actually try in bed, which is just not true.

    2) My preference is for a guy who is not anxious, not pushy, who can communicate, is reciprocal, and can keep it up. I would actually say that being able to maintain an erection is far more important than how big that erection is. Also, not coming during foreplay, that's useful too.

    3) Some people are size queens and really care. Other people have a fetish for small penises. Most people are more interested in how responsive, communicative, and motivated for their pleasure (in addition to your own) you are than how big your genitals are.

    4) No. Dating a man who's bad in bed would put me off, and being good in bed is not linked to penis size; there is A LOT more to sex than just a meeting of genitalia.

    (Original post by Scoobiedoobiedo)
    When you grow up you will realise that with perhaps the exception of being extremely small/large, any woman worth being with simply doesn't care.
    And this. A micropenis (that's about 2in) might be bothersome. Exceptionally large penises can also lead to problems, from the minor like bashing against the cervix (which is painful) to the serious like vaginal tearing.
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    As ive only ever been with one man (my boyfriend) who is on the very large size (8 inch) it actually really has its downfalls its painful for me alot of the time and weve been together 2 years! and it still hurts
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    btw, do you measure it flaccid or erect? i've always wondered.

    1) I've only been with one man, my boyfriend, and he thinks his is small. I can't think exactly what his length is but when it is erect it looks quite big to me-certainly big enough to pleasure me. I think his is around the same as yours so, to answer your question, yes i'm sure it would be fine with me.

    2) Well, i think i have quite a small vagina because sex used to really hurt me-i feel pretty "full" with my boyfriend inside me so i'd imagine any bigger would be quite painful for me.

    3) why does it bother you? for me, it's the truth. The sexual chemistry between my boyfriend & I is what i enjoy most about sex. Obviously, size matters to an extent, i don't think i'd be able to enjoy sex if it was with someone with a 2inch penis, just like i wouldnt enjoy it with someone with a 10inch penis. It does matter to some i suppose, it's not a very common conversation i have with people but from my experience its a minority that care.

    4) if he was TINY as in 2inch-3inch yes, it would put me off. You're not tiny though.

    You measure it erect. As that's the relevant measurement for sexytimes. And some people are growers not showers.

    It would be fine with me, my ex was around your size and it made me happy
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