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    Hey guys, it's my first time posting, and I just wanted to see if anyone has some advice for me, or is in a similar situation. Also, this is kind of a rant, so feel free to skim over some parts lol. But if you don't, in advance, thanks for taking the time to read it.

    So I'm in my second year at University of Toronto in Canada, and I hate everything about my life right now. I have made no friends in first year, and it only got harder second year since I am living outside of residence. To add, most of the students in UofT are foreign (which I have nothing against) but they tend to be less friendly in some sense, especially if you don't speak their language and so its hard to make friends. Also, since UofT is known to be a more studious school, people are always stressed out and mean! And the parties are lame lol. And they only care about studying.

    Secondly, I hate where I live. Due to financial reasons, I had to rent out a room with some random family that was offering a room for cheap, and it was quite stressful. We didn't get along very well, just different personalities I guess, not that they were bad people though. Next year if I go back... I'd have to find another room to rent, especially since I have no friends to ask if they want to rent an apartment together.

    And lastly, I hate what I am learning. I'm doing a psych and philosophy major right now (after having switched from economics, history, classics, environment science, and english), and I basically settled down with psych and philo. The advice my school counsellor gave me was to try different majors to find one i am interested in, but to be honest after all that, I think the problem is university style learning in general that I don't agree with. I absolutely hate sitting in a chair for 3 hours listening to the prof speak about stuff I have zero care for. Like I don't care if Hume thought Aristotle's view on morality was is disagreeable... its not very practical knowledge in my opinion (no offence to anyone who truly enjoys learning philosophy). And psychology is even worse. The program here just makes you memorize a buttload of useless terminology like: cognitive dissonance, Stienbergs triarchic theory... and other crap I will never use in my life - all so i can stress out about writing useless things on a piece of paper at the end of the term.
    Every minute of my university life is torture

    Friend: hey man, do you know why Sarah doesn't like me? What should I do?
    Me: Well, according to my knowledge, I believe it's because she does not express the qualities in which are necessary according to Steinberg's Triarchic theory.
    Friend: four years just so you could tell me that...?
    Me: yeah.... *cries*

    Nevermind, correct the "friend" part, because I DON'T HAVE ANY FRIENDS

    So my question is: should I finish my two years left over and just get the degree so jobs are easier to find? Or drop out/take a break and keep working my job as a cook, and possibly go to chef school? Is a bachelors degree in psychology/philosophy really any use? Think I'd make a better living with a culinary degree from college?

    Thanks for your time!

    Im finding myself in a similar situation, but in the Uk.

    I have a couple of friends at uni, but not enough to make me feel comfortable. I get hardly any contact time with my lecturers and I just don't feel it is worth the money I am paying. Thankfully, my accommodation is ok, but I hope you get yours sorted soon.

    If I were you, find out what your uni offers in terms of societies you can join as well as finding out what qualifications you get at this stage in your degree. I actually found out that mine leads to a diploma in education, just for getting through to the end of second year.

    These qualifications can help you in getting an apprenticeship, do you have those where you are? You are employed by someone to learn the trade as you work! Look into that also.

    hope you find your answer, but don't pay for something you don't enjoy. Remember, you only live once.
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