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    Factorise [latex] 4x^2 -9 =. And 4x^2-9x = [latex]

    Should I put two brackets Or not ?

    Difference between f(x)=1/4 and f(1.4) and
    Difference between the term " calculate " and "solve" ?

    Anghared had an operation costing $500
    She was in hospital for x days.
    The cost of nursing care was $170 for each day she was in the hospital.
    Write down,in terms of x, an expression for the total cost of her operation and nursing care.

    Is it 500x+170x+x= 671x ?

    My main problem is that i feel some questions I feel like whether it was luck or do i really know that material ! What does that mean ?

    The table gives the average surface temperature on the following planets.

    Planets Earth. Mercury. Neptune. Pluto. Saturn. Uranus
    Average temp. 15. 350. -220. -240 -180. -200

    Calculate the range of temperature

    -475/6 = -79.17 ? Correct

    One of the weirdest/ hard questions
    I got ans = 171.24

    In mark scheme it was 60.6
    Its the attached photo. With all the marking out.


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    The photo that i forgot to attach . Sorry

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    (Original post by justwork)
    The photo that i forgot to attach . Sorry

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    First thing, chill a little. You seem worked up and shouldn't be.
    The first one (assuming I have read it right) is the 'difference of squares' for factoring.
    The second one you need to factor has a common factor of x. Single brackets look to be the way forward for that.

    I am not sure what some of your other questions are exactly.

    The range question is just a 'find the difference' between the highest and lowest value. I think you have done the mean.

    The pic you have uploaded (which I cannot see too well on my hand held) seems to be a little hectic and you MAY be over thinking things.

    I hope that is some help

    The nursing home question... if its 170 per day, and *x* is the number of days, what would you need to do to find out the total cost of the nursing home stay? Remember the operation occurs once, not everyday, so would the cost simply be just the 500 stated? Try not over think it x
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