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    Are those rate of reactions correct ? Does it seem correct? In MS its a bit different in words but I get marks ?

    Another question.
    What is the effect of increasing the pressure upon the positiin of equilibrium. Does it move to the left, stay the same or move to the right ?
    Left to right

    Now it says why does the position of equilibrium move as stated in question above ?

    -- now my main problem is how can i write the answers, so it would be suitable or correct to the examiners ?

    Another one of these questions is as following !
    ------ suggest an explanation why an increase in pressure increases the reaction rate ?

    I wrote : increase in pressure will result in more particles per smaller volume/ area.
    Energy is greater than or equal to the activation energy. Collision rate increases, successful collision rate increases resulting in an increased rate of reaction.

    In mark scheme
    Increasing pressure = lesser vol.
    Allows more collisions= between particles which means increasing the reaction .

    Which is correct, does mine seem similar ?

    Last question : could someone explain to me about the yeild and temperature, how they increase and decrease.And please check my answer about yeild in the attachment below. As well about how its connected to endo/ exo.....

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    Thats the attachment !

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    you simply need to look at the mark scheme to see what marks are given for, and write that in the exam. You answer on the attachment looks correct, maybe mention how a high temp favours the back reaction.
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