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    Hello everyone! I am taking a Geography class on Climate Change and I need the help of you guys! I have to complete an assignment that involves a discussion with as many people as possible. There are five questions that are to be discussed. If you feel like participating, please comment and state at the beginning of your comment which question you are addressing (feel free to answer multiple questions). I hope to get a lot of people involved in this so that we can have a good discussion. I really appreciate your help!

    The five questions are:

    1. Do you believe that climate change is occurring and that it will affect you within your lifetime, and does this influence your decision on whether you undertake preventative measures and become more energy efficient?

    2. The lag between CO2 emissions and temperature increases is causing many people to adopt a "wait and see" approach to emissions reductions. How would you say you compare and how often do you think of the environment and global warming when making decisions?

    3. How much of an impact do I really have on the planet if I change all the light bulbs in my house?

    4. With their economy in mind, governments allow corporations to utilize various environmentally harmful processes and products. At which point should governments be held responsible and be expected to enforce stricter regulations?

    5. Do you believe population growth plays a role in climate change? Discuss.

    I'm in for all of them. When do you need this for? I'm moving house these days..

    Hey, I'll help you with all the questions if you like:

    1. Yes, I believe in previous natural climate change and recent anthropogenic climate change. Actually, although I certainly do try to be more green, climate change is only one of the reasons why (I also consider the cost of leaving appliances on, for example). However, I'd say climate change is the main reason I will use renewable energy. Other issues, such as pollution in urban areas, mean that I support electric cars, etc.

    2. I believe that a 'wait and see' approach is ridiculous given the probability of the effects of climate change occurring. Furthermore, I believe that we should cut fossil fuels regardless of climate change, to secure our energy needs, reduce ocean acidification and to cut pollution.

    3. I don't know to be honest. I feel you can't make a huge difference when the population is so big (linked to 5.), and really we need collective action. But if lots of individuals changed their light bulbs, then we would start to make a difference. I simply believe we need a national or international push to reduce our energy consumption, etc.
    Having said that, one of my favourite quotes is 'be the change you seek in society', as if you talk and act openly about the issues, maybe someone will take note.

    4. That's again a tricky one. I understand governments need to see economic growth, but I feel they need to look at the potential economic consequences of climate change (e.g: Stern report), and say enough is enough. Ultimately, regulations to cut energy use should be implemented, in my opinion. Some may argue that consumers pay for what they get and such change should be caused by the free market, but I feel this argument is flawed as future generations cannot do anything.

    5. Yes, of course. More people = greater CO2/methane emissions due to the greater consumption of energy/meat/other resources, as well as increased clearing of carbon sinks for agricultural use.
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