Taking a copy of Of mice and men into the eng lit exam Watch

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(Original post by scottish_expatriat)
Yep definitely a good idea to fold the top corners.
We get a clean copy if they have notes in but if not, we can take in our own one. We weren't even allowed to write in them anyway

For people who think it's unfair, just remember page numbers (presuming the text you get is the same as the one you had) and fold it when you get in??

Does anyone else have a copy of Of Mice and Men which already has published notes in?? In my copy there are pages at the beginning saying stuff about themes and characters etc- though it isn't that useful.
I'm just thinkin draw REALLY light and thin lines under important quotes...then when your in the exam and looking for them underline it over the line. But i really want to be memorizing the quotes than spending time looking for them

AQA grade boundaries have fallen like crazy!!!
See page 63: http://www.aqa.org.uk/qual/pdf/AQA-3701-WRE-Jun05.pdf

Exam consists of 3 questions each worth 25 marks. You get 3 marks for spelling grammar(really anyone could get 3!).

To scale the exam paper mark multiply the RAW mark(out of 78) by PIE(maths thing). Then with your coursework get the total mark and multiply that by 1.25.

Example: I got 21 for my coursework. Time that by 3 = 63 and add 3(spelling) = 66 * 1.25=82.5

264(boundary scaled points for an A) - 82.5 = 171.5

171.5 divide by PIE = 54.6...say 55.

55 - 3(spelling grammar etc) = 52 <-----RAW MARK IN TOTAL OUT OF 75 TO GET AN A

therefore i should average 17.3333(say 17.5) in each essay for an A.

Incidentally 17.5 / 25 is a low B if it was a coursework!

So it isn't tooo bad

B comes to around 14!!(though that because my coursework came to a very HIGH B(one mark of an A))
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(Original post by R.J.A)
nice quintuple post :rofl:

btw what board are you with? i am with WJEC and we have a closed book exam...no fair :mad:
I'm in the same boat - WJEC - Of Mice and Men and An Inspector Calls - no books. :mad:

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