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    In my gap year i had really strong close knit group of friends who i had been best friends with since i was 14/15 i became closer to a few of the girls from school and for the first time in my life i had a solid friendship group of people who liked me for me and wanted to be my friend.

    All these friends however stayed at home when i left for uni in september. I tried my hardest to keep in contact with them but of course texting or skyping somebody is nowhere as near good as seeing them in person. I didnt make many friends at uni i have 2 best friends and thats it im not into the uni life i dont click with anybody at uni , i have found them all to be very two faced and fake and i dont feel that ive got true friends there.

    While ive been away my friends from home have all made new friends and now that i came home for the holidays i realise i have nobody. My 'ex' best friend, literally cant be bothered with me, ive seen her twice and both times her new friends have come along they just all sit there talking about their nights out or things they have done or what there doing next week and where there going on holiday non of it i have been invited to. My friends from home dont care to hear about how uni is for me, even when i see the lot from home for a coffee or lunch its always 'oh i can stop by for an hour before i go see so and so'

    Im not invited to anything like i use to be no nights out, or films or anything i have to do all the chasing and asking to meet up and usually their always to busy with their new friends. On the same note my two friends from uni dontwant to know ,me in the holidays as they have all their friends from home

    I litereally feel like i have nobody and i dont know what to do

    I know it's hard, but you can't always do the chasing. Friendships work two ways. Maybe join some more clubs at Uni? I can guarantee that there will be people there who will be the same as you, who will make fantastic friends. Maybe try to make friends with people on a different course? Even if you don't like going out, try it a couple of times, you may find some new friends. As for people back at home? It's going to be difficult but if they really can't be bothered with you then they are not worth the effort. Shame on them for not making an effort to see you.

    If you're really not ready to let go, maybe invite them up to Uni so you can show them your new world? They may be a bit jealous that you're off on this fantastic adventure and they aren't. Maybe join another club when you are home, make some friends there, people who you can always see when you come back in the holidays.

    Unfortunately you have to face the fact that you are growing up. You're becoming different people. My best friend from school and I run in different circles now, it's a loss and it's okay to cry and grieve about it. Just be yourself, chat with new people and I'm sure you'll be just fine. Don't worry to much about your old friends, from the sounds of it, you are better off without them.
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Updated: April 10, 2013
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