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What has happened to my friend? From Mr Popular to Total Recluse. Watch

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    Hi there, just wanted some advice about a friend.

    I made friends with a guy three years ago (first year of university). He was very sociable and outgoing and worked hard with university work and also partied hard, socialised etc. He was a real get up and go live for today person.

    Fast forward two years now that we're at the end of university and the change is really shocking. From his Facebook, he seems to have lost or deleted an awful lot of friends compared to a few years ago when he had loads of people writing on his wall, always going out etc (but still doing well academically).

    He lives alone now (as in literally alone, no flatmates etc) and we NEVER see him other than at the university library. From what he's told me, over the last year, he just goes to university to work, comes home and stays home, exercises, watched TV in the evening smoking cigarettes. Like, he told me that most evenings he spends about 3-4 hours just watching video blogs on YouTube of other peoples' lives. I went to his flat once and it looked like he just smokes in his room watching television. His Facebook is pretty bare and just status updates about university work. He also seems to have a lot of 'internet friends' now instead of real life friends. e.g. people posting on his facebook that it wouldn't seem realistic for him to have met up with in real life.

    I dunno, he just seems like a complete loner/recluse now which is sad. Like, he doesn't seem to care either that he has lost touch with an awful lot of people over the last year. I do see him now and again and I miss my friend - but it's no point asking him to do anything anymore as like I said, he just goes home and spends all his time with his 'online friends' and watching stupid videos and just generally spending all his time alone.

    It's just shocking how reclusive he has become. He is starting a graduate scheme next month and I do worry as to how he will function in the real world.

    From what he's mentioned, I think he struggles with mild depression/anxiety issues but nothing particularly serious..! Anyway, any advice on what is up? Why would someone spend all their time watching video blogs online?? At the age of 22? It seems very sad!

    It does sound like he suffers from some form of mild depression. Maybe you should start inviting him to social events and include him in thinks. But it doesn't seem like he minds this lifestyle so why do you?
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Updated: April 8, 2013
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