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Benefit Scroungers are Kulaks? watch

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    You know, Russian history. The term Kulak evolved into a name given to any peasant refusing to hand over their farming products to Moscow and to any peasant who had more than their neighbours.

    Thing is they didn't really exist, at least not in the form they were described. All they were would have been a harder working farmer or a more efficient one. However the government needed a scape goat for all the problems such as famine, and they found it. Tell people that one reason for the trouble are these greedy peasant who take everything and hoar their stocks. Which obviously wasn't the case. However this allowed the government to take what they wanted and not cause discontent among the general population.

    Today, it is the same thing. Except our government is picking on those who have nothing as opposed to those who have more. They are saying the only reason they are alive is because they are taking your money and sitting around all day. Maybe they will go buy an 50" TV or head to the pub on a Wednesday. They are getting much more money than they need to survive and the government is playing the hero by stepping in and cutting this undeserved income. Just as the soviets did under Lenin/Stalin when they would play the saviour of the people and step in and basically steal grain, horses and livestock for hard working people.

    It is nothing but a myth. These people probably exist, but not one a scale that the actually matters towards anything.

    Have you ever seen someone who hasn't worked a day in their life? Have you ever seen the inside of their house? Have you ever seen their disposable income? etc etc.

    Benefit Scroungers are to the UK government as the Kulaks were to the Soviets.

    (Original post by bestofyou)
    In some regards you're right, the majority of people on benefits don't have extravagant lifestyles. The majority of people on JSA are genuinely looking for work and finding it hard. The majority of people on ESA (or whatever it's being renamed now) do genuinely have a reason that they can't do certain types of work.

    However, unlike your analogy, the problem isn't totally made up, there really are people out there who abuse the benefits system. not in massive numbers, but enough that it needs to be dealt with some how.

    Personally I've met these people on a regular basis. Working in a Jobcentre I would sign certain people on a Tuesday and then on Friday when we'd all go to the pub after work, we'd see those people who we signed on Tuesday out and drinking.

    I also heard multiple times things along the lines of "if I don't get my money this week because they don't think I'm looking for work, I'll just go on the sick" and "I can't wait to have another baby so I don't have to come sign on".

    So yeah, the problem isn't with the majority of benefits claimants, but to suggest that it's a totally made up problem is naive and totally false.
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