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    (Apologies in advance for the long post and for maybe sounding a little too melodramatic ha)

    I'm currently in
    the process of doing my A-Levels. I study Business, French and History. I have applied to go to university in September and only really need 3 Cs to get in (even though I'm predicted to get BBC). At the moment, I feel like I'd only be able to achieve CDD. I suffer really badly from anxiety and stress and feel like there is no help out there to help me deal with it. I am constantly worried about my exams and I have nervous breakdowns frequently. I often can't sleep because of exam-related stress.

    I guess it all stems from the fact at college I've never really been able to understand what my teachers say during lessons...it's almost as if I have a really slow thought process. I've tried going home on an evening and going over notes etc but nothing stays in my head. When it comes to revision season I get so worked up I never know where to start and whenever I'm presented with a exam question, I just don't understand it. History is a really intense subject and I genuinely feel like I don't know anything. What would be the best way for me to teach myself two history topics considering I don't really know much?

    As for revision itself, I've tried using a range of methods and techniques to help me absorb the information. But I've not been able to find a technique that suits me best. I'd say I'm more of a visual learner rather than reading books, understanding what I've read and then writing it down. I always seem to write too much information on my mind maps because I feel like it's important and would hate to miss it out.

    Therapy-wise: I've tried counselling, however they were only interested in my emotional side because I get upset and cry that much....they seemed to think I'm emotional because of things that might be happening in my personal life, even though this isn't the case. I'm simply emotional because of all of my exam stress.
    I've also tried talking to my teachers and learning support at college, however I seem to have had no luck there either - their argument and only support is basically ''all you do is over-complicate things''- which isn't really practical advice.

    So what should I do regarding my anxiety??? And what should I do from now until May/June to ensure I fully understand my subjects in a simple way as I'm so limited for time???

    I NEED to find a solution because I've had this issue for a long time, and it's not as if I don't want to learn, I really do!

    Thank you!!!

    What do you mean by: I always seem to write too much information on my mind maps because I feel like it's important and would hate to miss it out.
    Why . Can't you just force your self out if it?

    It seems you love to learn but mentally and emotionally not fit or you hate your choices... are you sure your studying what you
    really love to study? Your really showing compulsive behaviour!

    If I am starting revision just now only..then I would just read the past papers together with the markshemes.

    I've been searching the internet for another person that feels how I do about college and I'm so glad I've found your post. You've written exactly what my friend and I have been thinking. I was beginning to think it was just us in this position... all of our other friends feel fine about college.

    I cannot comprehend exam questions either. The rare times in which I finally begin them, I find myself drifting away from what it's actually asking me to do, then I get stressed and give in. I wouldn't be surprised if my teachers hate me at the moment due to my work always being late or incomplete...

    Couldn't understand more when you said you were 'simply emotional because of exam stress'. I try talking to my mum about how stressed college makes me but she tells me 'you need to stop thinking like that or it'll make you ill'. I hate how any negative emotions in a student are always mistaken for some form of disorder.

    As for you, try talking to your friends about it. Luckily one of my friends is in the exact same situation as me. We often feel melodramatic when we try to explain ourselves too, but ranting to a friend is the best way to relieve some stress.

    I'm sorry that I haven't provided you with a solid solution (if I knew how to solve it, I wouldn't feel the same!), but I hope you're glad to know you are definitely not alone!
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