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    Hi everyone,
    I need some advice.
    I want to get a loan for around £1,500 and possibly spread it over 2/3 years.

    I turned 18 this January so I'm limited on places which will give me a loan..
    First ill explain my money situation.
    I am currently finishing an apprenticeship and I get £120 a week at the moment. 4x120=480 a month income.

    I spend at least 10-15 a week on paying for buses to and from work and personal use too. £10x4=£40 (roughly)

    I also have an iPhone bill which is £36 a month.

    £444-£40=£404 a month left without paying for lunches etc for work.

    If I got a loan from natwest over 2years they would charge me:
    22.9% apr

    I have to pay back: £1,846 over 2 years
    Thats £76.93 a month to pay back.

    If I got the loan over 3 years they would charge:

    I have to pay back: £2,029
    That's £56.36 a month to pay back.

    I live at home with parents and don't drive.

    Would anybody advise me to do this or is it a very bad idea?
    The money is for getting orthodontic braces which I desperately need.

    I also have to pay £150 left on a holiday for September if that makes a difference.......
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    Anybody ?

    To be honest even if you paid it back over 2 years, that's still over £300 more they will be taking back. Are the braces worth that? Could you perhaps ask your parents or a close relative if you could borrow the money and pay it back bit by bit every month?
    Plus you have to think, if you get the loan that is potentially £70ish added to your monthly outgoings.

    I have a loan spread out over 2 years, but I only got it because I kept going over my overdraft limit and getting a lot of charges. The loan was from my bank purely to pay off the overdraft. If I didn't need to get a loan I wouldn't have but I was in a pretty desperate situation. My advice is only get a loan if you really really need it because overall you're paying back a lot more than you're borrowing.
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