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What is this half power point? And why is it called like that? watch

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    What is this half power point and half power frequency?

    Also, what is the difference between frequency range and bandwidth?

    From what I understand, bandwidth is the difference between the max frequency and min frequency, while the frequency range is described as "min frequency to max frequency." Is this right?
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    When measuring the frequency response of a system, the convention is to define the half power limits as a function of the mid band value. Half power is chosen simply because it's a convenient figure which is easy to calculate with.

    i.e. the frequencies at which the signal output is -3db either side of the average (usually r.m.s.) midband value and it is this for which the bandwidth of a system is quoted.

    A frequency range is simply all the frequencies between a given upper and lower frequency limit with no reference to power or amplitude.

    For example: An audio system could have a frequency range of d.c. to 100khz but this would be meaningless because it says nothng about how flat or otherwse the systems response is over that range. Hence a quoted bandwidth of say 20Hz to 45kHz may be stated which defines the frequency response as staying within +/- 3db between those frequencies.
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Updated: April 9, 2013
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