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Comparing futility by wilfred own& at the border 1979-choman hardi.What do you think? Watch

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    Wilfred Owen presents war as a senseless human waste of lifeand questions the existence of war and eventually the existence of life on earth.Whereas, in at the border 1979, Choman hardi focuses on the existence ofman-made divisions which leads to poverty and innocent civilians who are forcedto flee from their country.
    Futility is written in a form of an elegy, which consists oftwo stanzas with irregular lines and the short lines represents how short thesoldiers’ lives were in the war. Unlike in At the border which is split intosix stanzas and again with irregular lines which links to the use of enjambmentwhich allows us to hold on to the last words, and think deeply about what theyreally mean. At the border as no rhyme scheme as it is as a free verse from achild’s perspective which allows us to dig deeper in to the childs emotion andfeelings. In futility the writer uses have half rhymes such as ‘half sown’ and‘snow’ which mirrors the lack of answers and how unnatural the events of warare.
    The title ‘Futility’already before we have even read the poem creates a sense of frustration whichthe poet has already given off. Owen personifies the sun as somethingmiraculous in the first stanza ‘Move him in to the sun’ this suggests that thesun has an ability to revive life however, this could also link religiously assome religions believe that the sun is able to give life and thus why peoplesay ‘move him in to the light’ the light which is pure and innocent andpresents the sun as god like thus why it is says in the poem ‘The kind old sunwill know’ the link to it being like god the all-knowing. In the first stanzathe tone of the poem changes from the sun being described positively with wordssuch as ‘Gently’ ‘Move’ ‘Kind old sun’ and the word ‘Whispering’ which isonomatopoeia presents the sun as tender and loving. However, in the secondstanza the poet becomes frustrated as the sun that gives life on earth isn’table to bring back this solider to life, isn’t able to revive him and thus asks‘Full nerved, still warm, too hard to stir?’ which means that the body is stillfunctioning, the blood is still circulating and the speaker asks why isn’t thesun able to revive him as it once did ‘even in France’. In at the border Hardifocuses on the political aspects of war and the philosophy behind it. Shequestions how there is ‘the autumn soil continues on the other side’ yet peoplemake divisions that singular out countries out when ultimately if the land isall the same aren’t we as humans all the same as well? This also goes to showthat children are able to detect that everything is the same and it is ushumans that make these divisions that result in conflict and dispute.
    Owen speaks of the sun not being able to resurrect a bodythat hasn’t fully died and questions the existence of life and of man kind.‘Woke once the clays of a cold star’ the repetition of ‘c’ which is very harshand firm in comparision to the soft sounding words in the first stanza showsthe increases of the speakers anger. This also creates a bibilical imagery asman was made from clay the sun once woke the clay ‘humans’ and the cold stars‘earth’ and ultimately started life on earth yet isn’t able to awaken a bodythat isn’t fully dead yet. Hardi also presents the consequences of war andconflict ‘It is your last check point in this country’. This shows how war isable to drive people away from their homes and families and are forced to fleeand leave their country and their lifestyle behind due to conflict and seekrefuge in another country which can have psychological effects on people. Forexample: A man says ‘ I can inhale home’ which suggests the idea that the man maybe deluded in to thinking that he is able to smell home moreover, this goes toshow hardi’s point that the air is all the same and the air will never bedivided no matter how much humans try to which makes us that think about why wedivide things in our everyday lifestyle. ‘Until this morning and this snow’ theword morning can be interpreted as the idea of someone mourning a death, loss,grief as well as it being that specific morning. The word ‘morning’ and ‘snow’ is aninteresting use of word choice as we associate morning with warmth and life andsnow with cold and the lack of life which links the solider not receiving thelife and warmth that he desperately needs. This idea of life is touched uponthrough nature in futility ‘ think how it wakes the seeds’ , ‘whispering offields half sown’ a field being half sown is a field that has half a life justthe like the man in this poem. In at theborder, the division of countries is linked to a ‘thick chain’ which suggeststhat these divisions have being going on for several decades and us humans areas result of the war that due to us making these divisions which gets usthinking about why people do it when we are all the same. ‘My mother informedme we are going home.’ Is written in italics to show the importance of what themother has said and the repetition of ‘much’ suggests that the mother insideknows that when they get back it isn’t going to be the same.
    Both poems present war negatively and focus on the differentaspects of war and the affects it can have.
    positive and negatives? thanksss
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