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    anon pls.

    Met someone amazing and we're at the beginning of potentially something great, but there is something that I find a bit of a turn off: he has quite a high pitched voice in general (which I'm not thrilled about but is not a deal breaker), but when we are having sex it's even more pronounced and I find it cringeworthy and a bit of a turn off. He sounds almost like your average woman in porn movies. Is this something that I could ever bring up? (seems so tactless so I'm doubtful, he's not doing this on purpose and only signals that he's into me I'm sure.) is this something that I could/should potentially get used to?

    Please share your thoughts/experiences.

    thanks v much in advance.

    I had an ex who had what you could call a David Beckham-esque tone to his voice. Same as you, at first I found it off putting, and when he first met some of my friends they all thought he sounded really camp! After a bit of time though I got used to the way his voice sounded, and it just really didn't matter to me anymore. The way he was as a person, his personality, and the way our relationship was just completely made the tiny little flaw completely unimportant. If you say he is amazing and it could potentially be great, I wouldn't let something like this stand in the way of it if I'm honest

    Perhaps you could try and tactfully bring up that you find general noise during sex a bit of a turn off, in the nicest way possible. And like you say, its only a sign of his enjoyment, he can't really help much how his voice sounds!

    FYI, the ending of the relationship was in no way due to or affected by his voice :P

    Hope I could help!

    Lol shouldn't he be the one making you squeal!

    (Sorry that was crude I know!) I think its very sensible of you to overlook the voice thing. If its causing an issue during sex, just tell him politely. My ex used to push, no wait dig, her finger nails into my arm! Worse was when she went for the back! That killed, so I had to tell her in the nicest way possible. She took it well .... we broke up the next day lol No, I'm kidding, she said sorry especially after seeing the marks she left on my arm!

    I was expecting a blow up doll/puncture repair gag.

    Perhaps if you hint that you don't appreciate so much 'running commenty' hopefully he'll pipe down a bit.

    That sounds awesome!

    But if you don't like that kinda thing it can spoil the moment.
    However in my experience 'annoying' or 'unexpected' things during sex always end up becoming a turn on because you relate it to him enjoying himself, and you enjoying yourself.

    If it is really bugging you tell him... But I can imagine if my boyfriend told me how I should sound during sex that I would tell him to **** off.
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