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He's distancing himself from me watch

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    When I started sixth form I became really close with a guy within a week. That close that he didn't mind being in my personal space - you know the ones only friends and close friends can get into. We used to speak everyday on facebook and face-to-face, it began feeling impossible not to. But since he found out I like him he's stopped all that. He doesn't really have intentions to talk to me in school and if he does it's only like 30 seconds. He promised me that him finding out I like him more than a friend wouldn't affect our friendship - it did. He was still talking to me like 2 hours on the phone everyday, just not in school. I asked him why he didn't speak to me in school anymore and he said it's because I hit him (friendly btw!) but that's a lie because I used to do that before he found out I liked him and he was still willing to talk to me infront of people - even those who said "she so fancies you". I think it's because people are teasing me and so he won't talk to me in school but he hasn't admitted that's the reason. Like he we still give each other eye contact and smile - we just don't talk in school anymore. Like I attempt to but it only lasts for 30 seconds or whatever and that got me questioning about or friendship. I was pranking him (childish I know) and he rang saying if he found out it was me he'd spread rumours about me but when I asked him why he'd said that he goes he'd been joking to scare me so I go we need to talk about our friendship but he constantly keeps putting it off saying he'll talk later but he doesn't. Like yesterday my sister was casually talking to him and when she brought me up and said I needed to talk to him he said he'd talk later and whenever I've needed to talk to him before he's always spoke to me ASAP. We've even spoken about me liking him but this is something he's avoiding?

    Now I've just got the impression he doesn't really wanna know me anymore but won't say and I feel like I should distant myself from him a little in school like he is with me cos it's obvious that's what he wants. I don't mean ignoring him in school, just smiling when I see him but not making any attempt to talk to him like before. I've attempted to many times to talk to him but I think he's just taking advantage of it.
    Any advice? Anyone think they know what's up with him?

    He is clearly not in to you and isn't treating you very well. Save yourself the heartache and try and move on, (sorry to say but) Accept your friendship is over. Don't let anyone toy with you. Pm me if you need help on breaking away from him. :cool:
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