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Going to the Chemist about acne/spots ? Watch

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    I have always had fairly poor skin since the beginning of year 7 and I am now in year 12 and my skin has spots/acne dotted around. I also have ALOT of black heads on my nose and 'chin crease', and some white spots (although they are flat and aren't raised above skin level) that produce a clean white substance if squeezed. Some of the spots have left purple'y' red coloured scars and I also have the blackheads dotted about my face.
    So generally my skin just looks messy/unclean/unclear, even though I have a very thorough skin regimen in place and take care of my personal hygiene.

    So, should I go to the chemist tomorrow even though my skin isn't ridiculously bad; just 'bad'? Also what should I say and is it embarrassing as I am insecure about my skin? What do you think they will suggest/say, have you had this experience?:confused:

    Go to your doctor. He/she can prescribe you antibiotics to clear up spots and also a cream/roll-on stuff to treat the existing spots. Don't be embarrassed, they've seen much worse!

    I have quite bad skin as well. I had a huge outbreak all over my forehead in year 8, but then it died down and my skin was fairly clear, apart from a few spots here and there. But now in year 12 its all coming back from being dormant for so long. I just thought that it was just a puberty thing and its natural, but lots of my family members have been pointing it out and I've been really self-conscious since. Its not nice being put down by all these relatives who see you once in a blue moon and tell you all these supposed remedies that 'work'. I've tried practically most of all these herbal remedies and face scrubs etc but nothing really worked. I got tired of having my confidence brought down and my mum constantly told me to book an appointment with a GP, I finally just gave in. I had the appointment a few days ago, I was really nervous as well, I didn't think my insecurity of my skin would be enough for them to prescribe something and I didn't really speak to someone about it before. My GP was really understanding and gave me options of different types of treatment. I've decided to go for the more lengthy treatment, which is a 6 month course of antibiotics. Apparently its quite effective, I'll see how it goes!

    Don't worry about being embarrassed, medical professionals are qualified to give advice and talk to you - don't be shy and putting it off like I did. There is something that can be done.
    All the best for everything
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Updated: April 9, 2013
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