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help! perfectionism! watch

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    Ok, I have a bundle of mental issues but I want to ask you guys about one particular one which i've had for years, part of some low-self esteem/perfectionism.

    It's like I have to understand and apply every aspect of something which, to me, should be 'obvious', and something which, if I didn't understand, would be proof i'm an idiot.

    So for example, I studied economics at school and did really well in exams, however because I was 'good' at economics I started getting stressed out as **** whenever I'd read a newspaper and didn't understand a bit of basic economics, which means i'm obviously pretty chit at it.

    What I want to ask you guys is, in your head, when you're studying something for a degree or whatever, and you come across something you don't understand, but 'should' , what do you tell yourself?

    What I need is to start telling myself a clear, rational balanced thought when I don't 'get' something 'obvious' which prevents me from taking joy in anything.

    Like for example the moment I started reading into psychology, I found that when I didn't understand what somebody's personality type is, that was 'obvious' ( given i'd read a chit tonne about personalities etc) and I stop developing an interest in it.

    Or once I got into fitness/exercise I felt it stressful to watch things like 'biggest loser USA' because things would pop up that I 'should' know etc


    Hi, I think feeling better will probably come from feeling more lenient with yourself, which is probably easier said than done, but perhaps changing the way you think about not knowing things as they arise will help. Perhaps instead of thinking 'I should know this', realise that you cant be expected to know everything and realise that you do know it now. Even if you have come across the information before, I think its very natural for humans to forget bits and pieces of what they have learnt. It's like when you study for an exam and you know so much, then two years later when you're no longer studying the subject most people find they barely remember anything.

    I dont think you 'should' know these things, like you said when you got into fitness and realised you didnt know something it stressed you out, but like you said you only just got into it - its not like you've been doing it for years as a professional.

    Try not to be so hard on yourself,
    You don't need to be,
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