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    hey TSR.

    Recent events have impressed upon me a regrettable trend, a streak within UK society which is concerning and covered in this article:

    Clicky to ready.

    Just remember guys, love or hate them, stay classy.

    I don't mind people expressing their opinions. I think the author is implying that those who were celebrating thatcher's death were wrong. Whilst i don't agree with them ( the people celebrating ) I don't think of them to be wrong or right( as opinions are subjective) but simply holding a different opinion to my own. Even if some were simply jumping on a bandwagon I don't really mind as they have every right to express their own 'misinformed' views.

    Nothing new, certain 'righties' seem to love a good gloat at the passing of a death sentence.

    Heres a recent example.

    Theres a few on this thread, that seem quite pleased about the death of this grandmother yet keep harping on about paying respect to a dead mother and grandmother :puke: now we are talking about Thatcher. :rolleyes:

    As for demonising and bandwagons well you needn't look far on the UK politics board to see droves jumping on the Thatcherite bandwagon and demonising the poor, I'm sure Thatcher would be proud of what shes created, live by the sword, die by the sword.
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