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    Hello everyone, I really want your help on choosing my subjects. I do not know why but im having a lot of problems with this....

    Here below are my chosen subjects (I can change it later):

    English A literature SL
    Thai A literature HL
    Business and Management SL
    Math SL
    Chemistry HL
    Biology HL

    1. My current english teacher is mentally forcing my whole class and I to choose English Literature and Performance that he is teaching. He said i would get a very good grade being with him - that sounds very good to me. Still, I feel that literature would be good for me as i am passionate for it. I also choose Thai literature HL (my first language). I do not see Literature and Language as one of my choices because I do not like it at all....
    2. Is English B HL okay if i want to UK universities for medicine? I think i would be really easy for me so that i can spend my time concentrating on Chemistry and Biology HLs.
    3. This is the hardest decision for me among all because i dont like any of the group 3 subjects. I love history but i think it would be time consuming since i have to read a lot. Many people are choosing economics. I dont like a big class because i dont feel like studying much. However, a lot of people tell me to take it because it is very essential and helpful. I dont like computer, so ITGS would not be one of my choices. I have business as my choice because few people are taking it and it looks the most interesting to me. The problem is that universities see business as a softer course. I dont agree on this though (everything is hard). Would it reduce my chance of getting into universities? (I personally think that it would not because i am applying for medicine) My history teacher came to me today and said that i should be taking history. I love history but i really want to choose a subject that would get me a high grade and not time consuming....;(((
    4. I really want to take math HL because it looks very good on portfolio as one of the high level subjects. However, my principle at school does not support me for this because i already have chemistry and biology HL plus that math HL is not required by any university. Therefore, is it okay for me not to take math HL and still be able to get into good medical schools?
    5. LASTTT I really want to get into Imperial College London. Is it possible to get in there as an international student without math HL. As imperial is an engineering school, math HL would be preferred (people always say that). I dont really think i am going to get a high grade in math hl as i have so many things to work on at the same time, so i probably gonna drop it later if i choose it. So...is it possible?

    I know this is a very very long post...im sorry about that ;( Thank you so much for your help I would love you to give me a lot of advices and recommendations. Also, give me some advices on choosing universities. I dont wanna end up not getting any offers ;(

    hey, welcome to TSR.

    I'm also in the process of applying for Medicine and I have almost finished my first year of the IB

    1. it would probably be fine for you to opt for English B, AS LONG as you have GCSE or IGCSE English at grade B or above. After GCSEs, English is not required for Medicine anyway.

    2. as you are taking your group 3 subject at only SL level, i believe it wouldn't significantly matter whether your chosen subject is viewed as "soft", even if you are applying to a prestigious medical school like imperial. Obviously if you want to stack the odds better in your favour even in the slightest, you might consider taking the more rigorous option of history. Or even economics, as if you are interested in business and management, this could be of better consideration as there is some overlap between the two subjects. However at the end of the day it is best to aim for an even balance between enjoyment and the likelihood of getting a top grade. Whether you feel business and management would best fill that criteria is up to you, and if so, by all means choose it. Like I said, you are only taking your group III subject at SL and so your subject choice is more likely to be overlooked - the matter would be a whole lot different/complicated if you were taking it at HL

    3. Maths is absolutely not required for Medicine, let alone Maths HL (even for Imperial). My best advice would be to not choose it; I know several people who started off the diploma with HL Maths, Chemistry and Biology and ended up eventually dropping maths anyway because of the profound difficulty (it is more difficult than A2 Maths). It would just add unnecessary stress to what is already a challenging diploma, and you are more likely to get a better grade in the HL of your first language. This is unless, of course, you have achieved an A* in GCSE or IGCSE Maths (or equivalent), but often still this is not enough to gauge a potential 6/7 in HL Maths - you have to be ESPECIALLY strong in maths for the top grades. I completely agree with what you say about Maths HL possibly strengthening your portfolio as an international applicant, but if you choose to do it, you will have to form a good balance, by ensuring your SL subjects are ones that consume very little time. I honestly have no idea how strong you are in Maths, so I may be wrong, but ensure that if you do choose it, you get you 6 or 7. If you choose HL maths, an idea of a good balance would be HL maths, chemistry, biology and SL Thai literature A, english B and business and management.

    My level of outlook from the perspective of an international applicant is not the strongest, but this is the advice I would give.

    With regard to advice on choosing universities, I would say choose the ones that are inclined more to your strengths. Some place emphasis on particular aspects of your application compared to others. It is all about choosing the ones you are more likely to gain a place at in terms of what they like to see from you and what you have in terms of qualities. For example UCL and Imperial College place emphasis on what you have done relating to leadership skills (e.g. leading a society/club) while others may place emphasis on your UKCAT score e.g. King's College - for a convincing application to here you usually need at least 2800 points out of 3600 points in the UKCAT. Others might require a meeting a specific cut-off on the BMAT (only four: Imperial UCL Oxford and Cambridge), and others place a great emphasis on your involvement in sport. You should also think of interview format. If you feel you might not perform well in an MMI interview, or would prefer an interview format in the form of being in front of a panel, don't apply to St George's or Leeds for example. Think about the amount of places available for international applicants at specific med schools, and which actually recognise the IB (although more and more are getting to grips with it). For example, you'll find that with London being a multicultural city, the med schools there are more likely to recognise an international qualification like the IB.
    This should help: http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/wiki...your_Strengths

    They still all look for the general qualities of academic strength, general interest in science/health/current affairs relating to such, contribution to the community/school life, interacting with people/patients, organisation, care and compassion, teamwork qualities, responsibility, motivation to study medicine, outlook/research into what medicine/being a doctor involves, medical work experience and your appreciation of the importance of recreation/involvement in extra-curricula activities. For a convincing application you must not only tick off all of these boxes, but be able to reflect on your experiences. Also, nearly all med schools require that you take the UKCAT (aptitude test) prior to applying and achieve a good score (usually above 2600 points out of 3600 points). Four require that you take a different aptitude test called the BMAT (I mentioned them above - ICL, UCL, Oxbridge) after applying and meet a specific cut off (usually above the average of 5.0, 5.0, 3C) - maximum is 9.0, 9.0, 5A for the three sections. Ensure a thorough application and your chances of rejection will be much reduced!

    Good luck, and I apologise for the essay, you may know most of this stuff already!

    To add, there certainly is the possibility to get into medicine at Imperial as an international applicant, but competition is absolutely fierce (there are 8 applications per place!) and there is a significantly fewer number of places available for overseas students compared to home-grown students. You want to maximise your overall points score, so think carefully about the choice of your SL subjects to increase the likelihood of getting 6/7's (it is all about stacking the odds in your favour by whatever means). With the grit and determination though, you sure can make it.
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