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TELEGRAPH banning Thatcher comments. watch

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    Well this post was originally going to be asking why they banned comments, but after a quick Google search...


    They are a Tory paper yet the vast majority of it's readers are ex-Tories who say UKIP is the only way forward. Unlike most other sites supporting the Tories and stirring up and reviving patriotism for the Tory party the followers of the Telegraph can see right through it.

    The reason isn't because of vile, evil comments about Thatcher, the Daily Mail, Guardian and even BBC have managed so I highly doubt the type of people that read Telegraph will be any worse. No, the real reason is that the people that comment on the Telegraph will probably give us a real insight into the flaws behind the arguments supporting Thatcher's legacy, they often use solid facts that you can go and research and smile when you realise they are actually telling the truth, which is more than can be said about the journalists.

    As a young person who is, to use a pathetic cliche, "too young to remember or know anything" about this period of history, I was really looking forward to seeing the debates on this site in the comments section.

    They knew it's readers would be giving us the best arguments about Thatcher's failures, just like they always give us comments that tell us more about a story than the article itself, revealing the flaws and giving us another side to the argument.

    SHAME ON YOU Telegraph, you're only going to drive away more of your readers.

    p.s. top tip. You can read some other unrelated stories where comments cleverly relate to Thatcher's years and the results since. It's not much but it's better than masses of chauvinistic recycled phrases that a 10 year old would question.

    I think if someone was constantly celebrating how my mother, aunt, sister or daughter had died I'd want the gloatful comments to stop as well. They're simply showing a little respect to her family.

    Not that I'm advocating censorship or a ban on comments pertaining to Thatcher's death, but they merely shut their comments off it's not as if they've started persecuting people for having an opinion.

    I don't see why anyone has the need to comment on a persons death, regardless of the political background of that person. I think it is the correct think to do, and others should do the same seeing as there are vile comments out there aimed at her and celebrating her death. There is a difference between commenting on somebody's death, and commenting on the policies they did. It's called showing a bit of respect, not censorship. But that is just me.
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