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    I have a problem. Currently, my first choice university (to study English Lit) is Glasgow, and my insurance offer is Aberystwyth, which I have firmed through UCAS and everything.
    Everything was fine and dandy until the results of a scholarship exam I took for Aber way back in January came back a couple of weeks ago. They'd given me an unconditional, on the basis I switch them to my firm choice (which I checked with UCAS and was told that yes, I could do that with a bit of faffing.) However, if I now do that, I lose Glasgow altogether, as Glasgow's offer is ABB, which is higher than Aber's original offer of 300 points, and obviously higher than an unconditional.

    With me so far?

    Now, at this point, the obvious thing to ask is "which do you like better," because, let's face it, at the end of the day, there's no point wasting three/four years of my life somewhere dreadful. The answer to that question is Glasgow, with Aber being somewhere I'd be happy to accept as a second choice, but never somewhere I'd firm. This, to begin with, therefore seems like an obvious choice; accept the easy option for a place you don't mind, or stick at it, follow your dreams, reach for the stars, spew every hackneyed cliché under the sun, and aim for Glasgow.

    If only it were that simple.

    Y'see, my grades are not that snazzy. I got ABBC last year (and no, I didn't drop the C), and although my official "predicted grades" are still technically ABB, my teachers as of last week replied to my request with predictions of BCE. Which is a long way from Glasgow.

    I therefore face the very real possibility that if I turn down Aber's offer, I may not be going to university at all next September, and I really, really, really do not want another year of retakes, stress, and parental disappointment (this time last year I was looking at Oxbridge, Durham, St Andrews, so they're finding it hard to accept a second-rate daughter, poor things.)

    So, generally well-meaning strangers of the internet, I'm looking to you for advice. What would you do? Am I just being proud and blind to my own faults to turn my nose up at Aberystwyth? Am I just setting myself up for a fall in the summer?

    My question for you is do you think you're going to meet Aberystwyth's offer of 300 points? Presumably that will still stand if you turn down the unconditional? If you think you will meet it then still go for Glasgow, you can always fall back on your insurance. Make sure you concentrate on what you think you'll get in exams as well - your teachers will have a good idea but they won't be able to factor in how hard you know you can/will work between now and exam time.

    Aber is unconditional so, if you don't meet the grades, you still get in - IF you firm them. However, if you do firm them, you can't put anything else as an insurance.

    If you put Aber as insurance, it wouldn't be unconditional, it'd change to a conditional.

    Obviously it's up to you. You have an unconditional offer here for Aber - where you applied to for a reason.

    If you want to firm Aber, you lose Glasgow altogether.

    I suppose it just depends upon where you want to go to really.

    I, personally, would go to Aber - you're definitely going to be going to University that way. It is a beautiful place. If you don't like it, you could always transfer after a year to Glasgow.

    Just gonna put it out there: I love Aberystwyth. My brother studies there and loves it. I love visiting him and the whole town has a great, friendly feel to it

    Well if you put Aberystwyth as your insurance and don't meet Glasgow's conditions then all you need to get is 300 points which is assume is doable?
    But if you firm Aberystwyth then thats where you're going, no questions asked.

    Personally I'd insure Aber, since you prefer Glasgow. You've got a chance, therefore, of getting into your preferred uni but if it doesn't happen then you've got something to fall back on.
    Never saw/been to Aberystwyth, and I may be a little biased, but Glasgow is a great uni with great staff and a beautiful campus.

    Why don't you go visit both universities? You don't even have to wait for an open day, most universities offer self-guided campus tours, where you can just go there and look around. It's better than nothing I suppose

    I'm at Glasgow currently and it's a great uni IMHO although I'm not 100% satisfied with the course but that's partly my own fault (long story), the city and social life make up for it though. Never been to Aberystwyth in my life nor know anyone there so can't make a fair comparison I'm afraid. What are you looking to study?
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