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    Like many women, both my sister and I (and mother) are emotional people who sometimes get in conflicts. I think it's safe to say that my sister is more "moody" than I am.

    My sister is 5 years older than me and studying abroad atm. I am 22 and studying in London. This semester I've taken a break from uni. I was just fed up (studying something I'm not interested in), I needed to save some money and I wanted to get some experience. Turns out it's not as easy as I thought, although I've interviewed several places and am waiting for feedback on a few internships. So these days that's what I'm doing: applying, going to interviews, the gym, selling some of my old stuff and going to the post office every day to ship things. Sometimes meeting the guy I'm dating, meeting up with friends. I'm waiting to get some money to apply for an evening course, but other than that there is not much else to do productively atm. I haven't told my parents, they live back home. They aren't paying for my degree or supporting me financially, and they are the type to overreact to this sort of thing, so I thought it best.

    My sister is the type to get in a 'mood'. Not a furious mood, but sometimes you talk to her and you can tell she's not in a good place, she's questioning everything you say, being negative and not being supportive of something she used to be supportive of.
    I recently talked to her online and I could sense it again. She would turn things around against me and question how I'm spending my time. She was being quite short whereas she usually is humorous and cheerful.
    I think I can sense the problem. She is not a very productive student and when she was living at home she had to retake every exam she had at uni. Our parents were being very hard on her, too hard I think too (I didn't support them then) and now she probably thinks I have it easy and that it's unfair that they don't know I'm on a break. I suspect she probably want to tell mum behind my back. She has always had an attitude that I, the little sister, "have it easy". Although I've been yelled at far less than her, I was also a much better behaved teenager. We haven't really been treated differently, I think she is upset that she is 28 and not where she wants to be in life.

    Anyone has siblings or friends who get "in a mood"? How do you deal with it, just ignore? She is not being outright rude or spiteful, that's the thing, so I can't really call her out on it. It's just something I can sense, like her replying "ok..." when she usually is supportive or friendly.
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Updated: April 10, 2013
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