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    I am in my second year of university studying computer science, But that is unimportant.

    My main problem is that I have 2 weeks till I have deadlines for all my assignments (4 of them if you are wondering, and I have only kind of half finished 2 of them) and my 3 exams are also coming up at the end of the month and I have 9 days of exams finishing on the 9th may.

    these are massive assignments, nothing small by the way.. stuff like creating an entire library loan web application which is fully secured, creating a Battleship game with a simple GUI, creating a small part of an expert system to recommend whether patients with certain systoms should be refered to A&E. etc

    I am kind of stuck due to my own laziness to not start earlier, but I am stuck now.. How do you deal with such heavy workloads, I have been working 12 hour days solely on coursework, and I could finish all my coursework like this in time.. but I want to fit in revision for my exams as well, and I am not looking forward to my first exam with only a week of revision done

    Can anybody give me some tips on how to organise my time efficiently to get everything done? I am lost on where to start and what to do
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    Have you got hold of past papers and course specs for your exams? An hour spent looking through past papers and the course spec to identify which topics always come up and which topics often come up can help target your revision on areas that are likely to be covered in the axam AND are areas which you're weak on.

    If you do that ASAP then you might be able to combine your revision of those topics with your coursework - if you need to know about topic X for both then make sure when you do your notes for the coursework you make a good summary to come back to for revision etc...plus actually using a concept or theory is a good way of making sure it's stuck in your memory.

    Is there anyone on your course you can work WITH for revision? Obviously collusion for coursework is a big nogo but if you can share notes/dummies guides etc with someone else (even if it just means you both spend an hour explaining the topic, highlights, references etc to someone else) then again that can help make sure your revision is targetted and more likely to sink in and be useful in an exam.

    Finally (from someone who has marked uni exam papers) make sure you aren't losing marks on your exams.
    - Get familiar with the format of the exams.
    - If they're written then get used to double spacing your writing (makes it much easier to come back and add in an extra point/sentent/step in your logic).
    - Practice your writing to make sure it's legible even under pressure (if that means printing or writing all in caps then do that).
    - Get used to writing out essay/work plans in bullets before you get into the detail so that you can avoid getting bogged down in detail and pick up marks even if you run out of time.

    I agree with all that PQ said. In addition, I would revise selectively (but safely). Find out how many questions there are likely to be in the exam, how many questions you have to answer and how many topics you have covered this year. Look through previous exam papers to get to know the format of exams, which topics come up often, which come up every other year (and which ones did/didn't come up last year) and decide which topics you're most comfortable with.

    I am aware that selective revision does carry risk, but if you're smart, then the risk is usually quite small (make sure you revise more topics than the number of questions you have to answer, though!). Tutors don't recommend it but I bet they all did it as students. I think it's the most effective way to revise when you have limited time anyway. I think it's quite common to have only a few weeks of proper revision time (I know I will end up with 2-3 weeks after coursework/tutorials/lectures/etc) so don't think you're alone.

    Get one 'thing' out of the way. Give yourself a short deadline and finish it. Then do the next one. Etc. In the time you have left, revise for the exams - one at a time.

    So, choose a task - and just do it. Finish it. Submit it. Clear away everything related to it on your desk. The sense of relief at having 'finished' something will be enormous. You will the have the energy to get on with the next thing. Work 18 hour days if you have to but get something off your list.

    'Butterfly' revision doesnt work. Switching from one task to another in a blind panic doesnt get much done - and just winds you up even more. Getting something 'out of the way' is much more effective.
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