Accommodation - richmond park or sheavyn house? Watch

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unfortunately i missed the accommodation so im finding it hard to choose between the halls. i like the idea of fallowfield, particulary richmond and sheavyn, was just wondering what theyr like?? richmond park seems to be further away from all the other halls in fallowfield, which put me off as i assumed it must be quieter there??

i want somewhere which is quite sociable, but also en suite and self catering. ne comments would be useful!

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Richmond park isnt very far away from the rest of the fallowfied halls - theyre all in the same area really. Both Richmond and Sheavyn are quite quiet as theyre not right at the centre of the campus.

I personally prefer Sheavyn - i have a few friends who live there and its really nice. Its a bit smaller than Richmond park, and has no bar, so i guess it has less of a social side but to be honest the bar at Richmond isnt very good. People from Richmond and Sheavyn just tend to attend events at Owens Park and Oak house, two bigger halls on the same campus.

I dont think theres much between them really. I prefer the look and the layout of Sheavyn, but as Richmond has more residents it would probably be more sociable.

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